Monday, November 30, 2015

Fattening week!


Happy (Late) Thanksgiving. I hope y'all had a wonderful day. It was so weird not being with y'all, but I didn't complain having two wonderful Thanksgiving meals. Mmmm, it was good but boy did I feel fat. Thank goodness for baggy sweaters.
Zack and Zaire and Zoe Benson family.  They are our favorite.  
This was our Thanksgiving part 2!

On Monday, we had sister's p-day and we all met at the Sister Training leaders house for a little "Spa Day".  Before Spa Day, Sister Tadd and I were hungry, whats new? and decided to grab some Wendy's before heading over there. As I was about to pay for our food, this sweet lady came up to us and told us she was paying for our lunch. She then invited us to sit with her. She explained that she was LDS, no wonder she bought our food. Haha it all made sense now. She explained how she was having a bad day and nothing was going right. She decided she needed to do something nice for someone to make herself feel better. Right then, she saw us walk in and ran up to the counter to pay for us. She was SOO sweet. Definitely made our day!

Our stake president made a challenge for our zone to get 60 member presents this week. Each companionship had to get one a day, pretty much. (Meaning we are suppose to take a member with us to each discussion) We took Monica, the one we are helping to quit smoking, with us almost every night because she doesn't smoke while she is with us. (Although she is a less active member, we felt it was good for her to be with us) See what we do there... ;) She is slowly cutting down and is on her last pack of Cigarettes today, so hopefully she doesn't buy anymore. She is so stubborn. But we took half of her packs she had in her house. :)
Tracting with Monica :)

We decided to tract a particular apartment complex because Jo (the blind lady in our ward) told us some people are mean and need Jesus, and she wasn't sure if anyone has tracted there before, so we decided to go check it out one day. We knocked on three doors and next thing you know some cranky, I mean, sweet,(wink, wink) man came up to us and started yelling at us telling us we had to leave because we were "soliciting". We explained to him who we were and what we were doing. He didn't care and told us to stop. So we did. We decided to go visit Jo and her boyfriend to see how they were doing. She asked us if we could walk her down to CVS and get her prescription with her. So we did that. It was only a mile away so we decided it would be good exercise. As we were walking down the street, a nice apartment manager came limping over (he had a knee brace on) and started YELLING at us saying we needed to leave now. We asked him why and said we were just helping Jo. Jo defended us and he limped away mad. Any way, the walk was crazy scary. We had to cross a huge busy street and guess what? THEY HAD NO CROSS WALKS. We literally sat in the median for 10 minutes with a blind woman. We made is safety though, thank goodness.

We have a new investigator named Jesse. He is interesting and keeps us on our toes. He is our member’s neighbor so they help us a lot with him, which is really nice. We set him on date this week and he seems excited to come and be baptized. He didn’t come to church yesterday because he "woke up late" - not a good excuse. ugh. But we are going to work with him really hard to get him baptized. His wife and kids just up and left him one day so he is really taking that hard. It’s sad, but the gospel will make him so happy!!

We have a member who has been in a care center for 6 years. He is 50 years old. I can’t remember what happened to him, but his girlfriend/fiance has stayed with him through it all, it is so cute. We went and visited him and his mom this week, we asked the lady at the center if we could volunteer at the center and she was so excited for us to do that, so each Tuesday we are just going to go visit and talk with people who don't ever get visitors and then paint the lady residence’s nail's, It reminds me of painting grandma’s fingernails and now I am so excited!!!

Scripture: Thessalonians 1:20 -it says that we need to give thanks to God always for those we are grateful for in our prayers. I have been doing that a lot lately and man, I have so many people I am thankful for. Thank ya’ll for always being so supportive and so amazing. I truly love ya’ll so much. Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Sister Brooks :)

 Thanksgiving Day!

 One of our less actives, Vicki, used to be a body builder, so she trains us twice a week. 
 I am so sore, ha ha ha. 

Our Bishop and his family invited us for dinner on Sunday.  This is the picture they sent to my mom  with the following message: "Found these stragglers in the neighborhood so we took them in and fed them.  They are doing an awesome job! Love, Bishop Rich" :)

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