Monday, November 9, 2015

So, pretty much, I am a celebrity!

Email- Monday, November 09, 2015

Hello Everyone!

I have been transferred to Richmond, Virginia.  My new address is:

Sister Kaylee Brooks

6712 Miami Ave.
Richmond, VA 23226

Transfers were so scary, but worked out AMAZING!!!!! I only moved about 15 minutes away. I am now in the Glen Allen Ward. My companion is Sister Tadd, we met on the sisters Facebook page, so it was cool that we already felt like we knew each other!! She has been out 2 transfers longer than me. We get a long great and I seriously love her!! :) So the Glen Allen ward hasn't had any sisters in their ward for about a year now. They have just had Elders. When they found out we were coming, they were all so excited. We are seriously treated like celebrities. Yesterday at church was so funny, we couldn't walk two steps without having tons of people around us. What can I say? They love us sisters :) They had some troubles in the past with the sister missionaries, that's why they were taken out of this area, but we seem to be winning over the ward’s hearts already :) he he. We were white washed in, meaning we are both new to the area, so it has been a interesting week trying to figure everything out.

We had dinner with one of our ward members on Thursday night, and we had some time to kill before our Book of Mormon class the missionaries do for the ward, so we decided to tract for a little bit. We prayed a miracle would happen and we would have faith to find more people to teach and come to Christ. We knocked on this door where a girl age 20-30 lives. She was all emotional and told us that she knew God sent us to her because she hasn't been doing the right things and really wanted to find a religion and start going to church. AHHH!!! so cool. We talked to her a little and set an appointment up for the next day. We went back on Friday and talked to her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She just smiled and kept saying how it all makes sense and how amazing it way. We gave her a Book of Mormon. We asked her to be baptized and she said yes without hesitation. woo hoo!!! She is scheduled for November 29 :) She was supposed to come to church yesterday, but she worked until 4 in the morning and woke up with a really bad migraine... lame. Satan is the worst. We are praying everything works out!!

We are working with this less active, seriously the funniest lady. (picture to come) she has a really bad problem with smoking. We have met with her twice and she already told us "wow, it seems like you girls have been doing this all your life, you can't tell ya’ll just came out" biggest compliment ever. She also told us last night, that starting next Sunday, she is done smoking. She has changed in just 3 days!!! Its crazy. It has been so cool to meet her and see her change so much already.

It is getting FREEZING. I'm doing to die. It has been raining and has been 40-50 degrees. Yeah, I'm not ready for this winter. Thank the Heavens we have a car!

Speaking of car, we stole the Elders car and now they are on bikes. We feel kind of bad they are biking in the cold, and we are all warm ;) Therefore, sister Missionaries are the best. :) JK

Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 104:82- its talks about how we need to humble ourselves, be faithful and pray and we will be able to get the victory. Since I am on a mission, I relate it to missionary work. As long as I humble myself, trust in the Lord, be faithful, and pray, I will receive my victory. (bringing others to Christ)

I love being a missionary!! :)

I love ya'll so much. Have a fabulous week and keep being amazing!!!

Love Sister Brooks

Saying goodbye to Mechanicsville friends was hard:
 Worst day ever saying goodbye to David!
Saying Goodbye to Sister Fuhriman (and her new companion)
 With my companion Sister Tadd in front of our apartment
 The apartment complexes next door give out free Starbucks hot chocolate!
 Dinner at ward member's house.  They are so nice!
(They text this picture and the next one to my mom)

Funny less active member

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