Monday, November 16, 2015


Happy Monday y'all :) 

I have always hated Mondays, but when you get on your mission, THEY ARE THE BEST DAYS EVER!!!!! I love hearing from all y'all and getting all the pictures, they are seriously my favorite!! Its even better cause I can save them on my Ipad and look at them all the time :) So Send away! 

Things here in Virginia are going so good. I seriously love it here. It is starting to get really cold, EW, but thank the heavens for a car and a nice heater. ;)  On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Wilson and it was Sister Tadd’s birthday. Cafe Rio is right next to the Stake Center where we were having interviews, so can you guess where we went?  Yes! Cafe Rio. It reminded me so
much of home and mmm it was yummy!! Interviews went great with Pres. Wilson.  He seriously is so amazing! I love him and he is so loving and he truly cares about each missionary. I am very lucky to have him as my mission President.  We have this blind sister who is in our ward and her boyfriend is also blind and
they live together. I don’t understand how they do it, but they are amazing. Jo, the girl, became blind because when she was little she had shaking baby syndrome which caused her to be blind. Jesse, her boyfriend, was a pre mature baby and was put under a light and it was too bright for him, which caused him to be blind. Their
stories are so sad, but they are so strong and amazing. Jesse is getting lessons from the elders right now which is cool :) We take Jo walking every once in awhile, She wants to get back in shape. It is so fun to talk with her and to really appreciate the sight that I have. I have grown to really love and appreciate my eyes and the beauty that is around me. 

We have been tracting and talking with people like crazy to try and get new investigators. We haven't had too much luck, but still having faith and relying on the Lord.  We have had two less actives that we are working with and they are so sweet. One is named Vicki. She called us Thursday and asked us if we would be willing to come over and teach her a little about the church. She hasn't gone to church since she was baptized and that was at age 15. Her husband wouldn't allow her to go, and they recently got a divorce and she really wants to start coming back. She has had a VERY hard life the last 6 years with her husband and her son and his wife, who are MAJOR drug addicts and have taken advantage and stolen from her the last 6 years. But she is so sweet and amazing. We are working with her and just teaching her all the missionary discussions because she doesn't remember hardly anything
about the church. 

Then, we have been working with Monica, I sent a picture last week. She is a major smoker and she wants to quit really bad. We have been helping her and giving her talks to motivate her. She decided that Sunday (yesterday) she would officially be done smoking. We went by on Saturday and helped her move furniture, she said it would take us two girls at least two or three days... it took us 20 minutes, she underestimated us. ;) She then asked us to really pray and fast for her on Sunday so she could stop smoking. She gave us her two packs of cigarettes that she had, it was weird to have cigarettes in my purse, and her debit card so she couldn't buy
anymore. We fasted and prayed like crazy for her yesterday. She woke up feeling very sick, and the elders gave her a blessing. Sad news... She called us this morning and asked for her debit card because she couldn’t do it anymore. We were very frustrated, but we are going to continue to work with her and pray for her. 

The scripture this week: 3 Nephi 5:13- Jeff showed me this one right when he came out and it really stuck with me. it says how we are disciples of Christ and we are called by him to go and preach the gospel so people can have everlasting life. it really makes me realize how lucky I am to be called from God to serve in Virginia. I
am so blessed and lucky to be spreading this amazing message and helping others come to Christ. What better calling could I get?? I seriously love being a missionary and love seeing people learn more about Jesus Christ. I love ya’ll so much. I am praying everyday for ya’ll!! Keep up the amazing work :) 

Love Sister Brooks

We matched!
Sister Tadd's birthday.  We made cake!

Huge leaves

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