Monday, November 2, 2015

People are funny! I' m being transferred!

November 02, 2015 Email

Hello to the coolest people in the world, 

This week has been kind of frustrating. We have had to "drop" some of our investigators and a lot of other potentials. So pretty much that means they aren't progressing, don't want anything to do with us anymore or just being dumb. So annoying, people just don't understand how much the gospel will help them in their lives. We have run into some really interesting people again this week. Virginia is crazy. There seriously are some funny people ha ha. We were tracting one day and we knocked on this guys door, it was the third door of the night, he comes out in this long grey dress/pajama weird thing and just talked with us for 40 minutes about HIS religion. It was seriously the weirdest thing. He was telling us what the bible says and how we shouldn't celebrate any holidays and the Sabbath is on Friday and Saturday and all this weird stuff. Then we had another man the next day tell us our religion was Bull ______
(inappropriate word). Then we had some man swear at us. and Then..... we had some dude flip us off while we were walking down the street... people are funny. 

I found out on Halloween night that I am getting transferred. I am really excited to have another adventure with another companion and somewhere else in Virginia. It has been really hard saying goodbye to the people in the ward I have become close to, and
especially David. I was with him when I received the call from the AP and when I told him I was leaving he just started crying and told me where ever I was, he was going to move there. It broke my heart, he is seriously the best. I will miss him so much. 

We have been working with this less active and doing service for her every week. She is the BIGGEST hoarder that I have ever seen in my life. She has PILES of newspapers and magazines from 2008. It’s bad. But we have been working on her to come to church ever since I have been here. She hasn't come to church for over 13 years. and
GUESS WHAT?? She came with us yesterday!!!! It was so cool. The funny thing is, her name is Temple. Ha ha she is so funny too. She is 40 years old and acts like she is 12. 
 Making cake at Temple's house last week.

This week has been a lot of tracting. Not very much success sadly, but the Lord  will put us in the path of those that are prepared!! 

Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 62:3. It talks about how we need to bear our testimony frequently and how every time we do, it is recorded in Heaven. Being on a mission really has strengthened my testimony. It is so cool how I am able to bear my
testimony so often during the day. I love it!! 

I love ya’ll so much. Keep up the amazing work and don't ever give up! I LOVE YOU! 

Love Sister Brooks

Elders (Zone leaders) in our ward and the guy, Jonny, they baptized.  
We are with David- we baptized. 

We are soaked, even though you can't tell.

My favorite people at Hanover Adult Center- Handicap Adults. 

With our neighbor, Wayne.  He loves his alcohol.  He brings us food all the time.  

Temple, our less active and her dog.
This is my "granny".  She is the best!  I love Sister Kovac!
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