Monday, November 23, 2015


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Let me just start off and say how amazing this week was for many reasons, but mainly because  I got to see my Uncle Glen!!!!!! I can't even tell you how happy that made me. That was probably the fastest hour I had in my whole entire life. I am so grateful for Uncle Glen and the time he took to come see me and have lunch with me and Sister Tadd. We pretty much partied it up, be jealous. Also, weird to think, he is the only male I will hug in the next 18 months, besides Pres, so I feel extremely lucky :) 
 Uncle Glen with us at Chicken Fiesta 
 Me and Uncle Glen (rainy morning in Richmond)
Sister Tadd, Me, Uncle Glen

 Special note from Uncle Glen after our visit.

This week has been really good. Of course we have done a lot of tracting to get new investigators and to find more people to baptize. We currently have 3 people we have set on date, Kara our little miracle from like 2-3 weeks ago, we haven't met with her for awhile because who knows she is "busy." I literally hate that word more than anything.  Pamela, who the elders met with once but has canceled every appointment on us because she has to work, so dang frustrating.  And Chyna, she is good, we meet with her pretty regularly.  They are all set on date for December 12, but I am sure we will have to push back Pamelas and Kara. UGH!! But we have tracted a lot and have found A LOT of success. YAY!! That is very rare for me. But it has been so good. 

We have found 3 really good investigators this week so we will be meeting with them in the next coming week and hopefully
we will find many more miracles. God is great. He sends so many people and miracles our way. 

I went on exchanges Thursday night to Friday night. I have the same STL's (sister training leaders) that I had last two transfers, so I am lucky. I was with Hermana Tolman, who is from Desert Hills. I was in Henrico and was able to be a Hermana for a day. Don't even ask what they were talking about in lessons because I have ZERO idea. They were all in Spanish, but I could pick out some words. haha It was really fun though. 


Exchanges with Herman Tolman (from Desert Hills)

Monica, the less active we are helping to quit smoking is doing a little better. We made a deal that she doesn’t have to stop cold turkey, but she can only smoke half of the cigarettes and then we will cut it down each week. The elders are also helping with her, so she gets double time. Things are going really great here though.

It has started to get COLD!!! The high today is 41 degrees and man.. it’s the worst because it gets windy and the wind goes RIGHT through your clothes, so pretty much it feels pointless to wear clothes. But I wear them so I don’t scare people. Working out in the mornings is a struggle because we want to go out and run and
do stuff outside but hahahaha no. We were outside for like 10 minutes today and gave up and just went back inside our apartment and worked out in there. 

Also, Thanksgiving, boy I’m excited. We have 2 dinners and they are with the coolest people. I will be sending lots of pictures next week :) 

We are trying the best we can to find those that are prepared and ready to learn about this amazing gospel that we have in our lives. I love being a missionary. It really is the best thing in the whole entire world. How lucky am I ?? so lucky. I love this gospel so much and I love helping those learn more and come closer to our Savior. I love how I am the one who relays the message, but it’s all
the spirit that teaches them and helps them understand. 

Scripture of the week: Philippians 4:13 - we have used this scripture a lot this week and it has really hit me hard. It’s simple and sweet but it just says that we can do all things through Christ because he strengthens us. I know even when I have a hard day, I am being watched over and it’s just my time to be strengthened. 


Love Sister "freezing" Brooks :) 

 It's 40 degrees outside. That is cold to us!

 Less active member's cat.  The only cat I have ever liked. ;)

 Our less active we started teaching.  Her name is Vicki
This little girl is Baylee.  We helped with her birthday party.  She loves us.  
We have Thanksgiving, part 1, with her family. 

Story time- we are at Wendy's and we went up to pay and this lady
stopped us and told us she was paying for us and invited us to sit
with her. She told us she was Mormon and told us her story and she was having a rough day and decided to do something nice for someone.  She saw us walk in and knew she needed to do something for us. She was so nice!!!
Here is our picture with her:

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