Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sisters' Training, missionary work, and I am not being transferred- Life is Good!!!

Email- Monday, September 21, 2015

Hello, Hello Sweet family and friends!
Us right now!  Emailing ya'll :)

This week has been pretty good. If any of ya'll are wondering, I am staying here with Sister Fuhriman and I am not getting transferred! Yay!! :)  

On Tuesday we had a Sisters Training Meeting. It's when all the sister missionaries meet together and the Sister Training Leaders teach us. It was from 10-4. It was really fun! We had lunch and also had a clothing exchange where you bring clothes you don't want anymore and you can just grab tons of clothes you want. Yeah.. it was awesome. I got a few cute new things and I am sure you will see them in pictures! It was really fun to be with all the Sisters and President Wilson and his wife.

This week has been full of ups and downs. We texted Ashley, our investigator, Tuesday night to see if we could set up another appointment with her so she could get her baptism going along. She ended up texting us and said she moved to Virginia Beach- hahaha-like what the? So now she isn't even in our mission boundaries. We started focusing and getting too stressed out about her and Heavenly Father must of not wanted us to be so worked up about it. It's sad to see her go, but we think it is for the best. We referred her to other missionaries, so maybe Barry will run into her.. :)

We were able to meet with Howard (the sketchy guy) and his family this week. He was really excited when he heard there was a primary for his kids. His wife doesn't speak much English, but she has a teacher right now and a few people in our ward speak Spanish, so we are hoping they will come to church this coming Sunday. It's the Primary Program and they are doing a special lesson for investigators during Sunday school, so we are trying to get as many investigators and non members as possible.

We have found a few more investigators this week. We have been struggling with finding new people to teach and it has been very discouraging. We started to go see some people in the Apartment complex and we knocked on this door and this older lady answered the door. Her name is Theresa. She invited us in and was very interested to learn more. She said she had missionaries over a few years ago. We went back later this week and taught her again. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes, with no hesitation. We see her again tomorrow, we hope she continues with the faith she has right now.

We also found this other girl, Sasha, and we taught her a lesson, we just can't get a hold of her any more at all. She either ignores our calls or has her daughter answer their house door and say she isn't home or feeling well. But we will see how she ends up as well.
This week, as we have been tracting, it's been so much more fun because we have met some really nice people. This week hasn't been as bad when it comes to rude people and people shutting the door on us- thank goodness! Heavenly Father knows we need a little pick me up, so he has been blessing us a lot.

Darryl, our investigator, around 50 years old, is doing so good. He has long curly hair. It's not as good of shape as Uncle Howard's, but it still reminds me of him. When I first met him, he would try and prove us wrong and tell us about some random space theory. He loves to research, which can be really bad sometimes, but he is so dang smart. The past two lessons, we have really seen him soften up and start to listen and accept our message. He is going to pray about baptism and if it is the right thing to do. He reads the Book of Mormon all the time and loves and knows it is true. He just doesn't want to say yes to baptism and pick a date, until he really knows this gospel is true and has a purpose behind saying yes. He wants it to mean something rather than just doing it, which is really good. We are seeing him tomorrow, so we hope it works out as well.

Last story, We were tracting one night and had 30 minutes before we had an appointment with one of our members- She is the sweetest and cutest lady ever. We go see her once or twice a week. She is going through a hard time with her husband right now because he is currently in jail for some things and she keeps finding out more. We had sometime to kill before our scheduled appointment so we knocked on one door and this nice couple invited us in. The husband is also a guy who loves to research other religions so he just started reading the Book of Mormon earlier this week. He and his wife seem really interested. They also invited us back so we are teaching them this week. They have two teenage kids, which we didn't meet because they were at the movies with their friends, but they seem really interested. Their names are Daniel and Glenda. They moved here recently from some foreign country. I can't remember now.. oops.

Anyway, I love ya'll so much!! Thank you for being so supportive and the best family and friends a girl could ever ask for!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! I still have the same address, so SEND AWAY with your letters. Hehe its okay, I understand you're busy. But I may start calling some people out in my next email... :)

I love you!!

Love your missionary, Sister Brooks.

At Sisters Training Meeting -I met Hermana Payne.  She played soccer for Uncle Gene. :)

At Sisters Training Meeting (Me and Sister Fitt)

 Thinking of my dad!

 Thinking of my Uncle Howard!

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