Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Getting out of my comfort zone and talking to people, holy cow!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello Sweet Family and Friends,

This week has been full of tracting appointments and people cancelling appointments. ugh. Oh and don't forget getting yelled at, being called devils and walking into houses and about dying because it smells like smoke and then you smell like smoke the rest of the day. Try telling investigators you can't smoke and then showing up to their house smelling like smoke... just picture it in your mind- doesn't go well. But it was still fun sharing this gospel!!
So on Friday, the new missionaries (Me, duh) had a meeting called Return and Report with President Wilson and his Wife. We received some training and then they send us out on the streets of downtown Richmond and had us street contact for 2 hours. We were split up from our trainers and paired with new missionaries so there were the new missionaries paired up and the trainers paired up. Make sense?  Anyway, VSU was right there, so most of the missionaries went there and talked to people. We got a few good lessons in and I handed out Two Book of Mormons. It was a little weird and scary not having my companion with me to talk firs

t, but don't worry, I was a big girl and learned to do it myself. I have progressed so much. I actually think I know what I am doing now; well in lessons, at least. I'm definitely not afraid to talk to people and strike up conversations. Missions make you realize you need to get out of that, holy cow. But it has been so good.

We have been really frustrated this week because we have had Ashley cancel all three of her appointments. She has been so dramatic and so crazy, we don't really know what is going on with her. She still wants to be baptized but we don't have a specific date. Hopefully more good updates will be here next week...
We haven't had any success finding new investigators either. No one has been interested. On Saturday we were tracting and just about to give up on finding people when we decided to go down this road. We saw this guy sitting on his porch smoking and (sorry, judgmental Kaylee coming out, whoa, that was weird saying my first name) he looked really sketchy, but I had this feeling we should talk to him. I was slightly scared because it was dark and brushed the feeling aside. We were walking back down the street to our car and I just walked up to his doorstep without realizing where and why my legs were taking me there. Right when we got on his porch, he opened the door and just smiled. He told us he saw us and figured we were missionaries but has never seen girls before. We get that A LOT! So he told us how his ex wife was  a Mormon and how when he moved to Peru he would have missionaries over all the time. He gave us his number and told us to please call him to set up an appointment, WE DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR HIS NUMBER YET,  BUT HE GAVE IT TO US. He has 3 kids and him and his wife. They are so cute. We are hoping everything goes well with them. We are calling them today to set up an appointment.

We had a 5K this morning.. yes, laugh all you want trying to picture me running. Its probably exactly what you picture- me dying. I am so out of shape,  it's bad. We ran it with our zone. It was really fun and I feel really good right now because I ran A TON. Yes, I ran most of the whole thing. Don't be too shocked. I walked for like 2 minutes with my companion. but don't worry, I'm sure I'll still bust out my ice cream tonight, I couldn't help it, it was on sale...
I am not sure if I am getting transferred-calls are this Saturday and I will know for sure next Monday, but just in case, don't send anything after Wednesday afternoon, cause if I do get transferred, I won't be able to get it. So hold off after Wednesday just in case. The zone leader says he is pretty positive I am staying here, I sure hope so.

The weather.... eww. It seriously has been so hot and humid. I walk out of my apartment and just want to die or walk back in the house. It gets up to 96-98 degrees and the humidity is AWFUL. You walk outside and instantly are sweating, wet and sticky. I miss dry heat. But we were lucky and have had a big rain storm on Friday and Saturday which has cooled it down a lot. Now during the nights and evenings it gets down to 60 degrees and the afternoons are around 89-75. Its cooling down, thank goodness.

 I love you all so much and pray for you each and everyday. I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
I am too lazy to read over this, so I hope it makes sense and I didn't mess up too bad. I love you all.
Love, Sister Brooks :)

 My cute soccer shirt.  Took a mini photo shoot for Kel (Mikelle). 

David at his awesome baptism!
Sis. Fuhriman and Sister Brooks

  We get bored sometimes . . . .  :)

Below are pictures from our 5K run this morning.  
Lengthen Your Stride 5k!!! Beautiful day for a race!
Richmond East Zone!


  1. Sister Brooks!! I LOVE reading your blog! It's so fun to hear your stories each week! You are amazing, and my testimony strengthens just reading your stories!! Much love!!

  2. Sister Brooks!! I LOVE reading your blog! It's so fun to hear your stories each week! You are amazing, and my testimony strengthens just reading your stories!! Much love!!