Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Great friend makes Mom and Dad's day!

Sunday, September 13, 2015 (written by Sister Brooks' Mom)

Our friend and neighbor, Michael Hinton, works in Mechanicsville, Virginia occasionally (where Sister Brooks is currently serving).  This weekend (Sunday) he was able to go peek on Sister Brooks.  He took an awesome video of Sister Brooks and Sister Fuhriman getting out of their car at church.  They had arrived early for a meeting. When Sister Brooks walked out of the door of her meeting, he was there to greet her and snap a picture with her.  He sent the video and pictures to us and it MADE OUR DAY!  
Thank you Michael!!!!!! 

Sister Brooks said in her Monday email that she was so surprised and excited to see him. " I knew he looked familiar then he smiled at me and it all clicked in my mind! Michael Hinton!  It was so fun to see him and to know that home actually existed still and I didn't drop off the earth!!

 Mechanicsville Church Building

 Secret Video of Sister Brooks and Sister Fuhriman walking into the church building.
(In the video, Sister Brooks is waving to David, their newly baptized investigator)

Michael Hinton and Sister Brooks

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