Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Missionary work- Busy, Crazy, Rewarding and with some Drama! Oh, and I'm learning how to be a Smooth Talker :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello hello!
This week has seriously been so busy and CRAZY!!! I thought drama left when you got out of high school, no it never does. EVEN AS A MISSIONARY. oh maybe its just girls.(A girl investigator in this case) yeah.. probably that one. We have been pretty busy with appointments every day which makes the day so much smoother and faster. I love having appointments, cause let me tell you, tracting isn't very fun with grumpy people, nasty bugs, humidity, and it's just not that fun.
Anyway, we found a new investigator. He's black, in his 20's and has tats. We gave him a book of Mormon and he seems very interested in it. We are meeting with him tomorrow, so we will see how he is progressing. His mom was also interested but wasn't here this week, so hopefully tomorrow she will be there.
We are also teaching this black lady, her name is Juanita! I told her I had a great, great grandma named Juanita, she invited us in after that. I have learned how to be a smooth talker ;)
David, our investigator is doing so amazing. He came to church again with us yesterday! He is progressing and will keep every commitment we extend to him. He definitely is a miracle. His baptism is still set for Saturday and he can't wait. We are meeting with him today. He will text us every morning with a quote or saying how he is reading the Book of Mormon and what he is learning from it. He is the best.
Ashley, the 21 year old girl.. oh boy. We took her shopping on Tuesday because she didn't have any church clothes and informed us when we got to the store, she didn't have any money. So my companion and I payed for it.. ha ha So she was scheduled to be baptized this Saturday with David and we were so excited!! Ashley was a foster child and has had a crazy past. She lives with this family in our ward but has no relations with them at all but is living there for cheap. We went to go see her the other day and the lady she lives with is in-active. She came and freaked out at us for scheduling a baptism date without her permission and how they already had things scheduled that day. We apologized and we had the date changed to that Sunday. We then get a random text from Ashley on Saturday telling us to come to her house right now "Its an emergency." We were super confused. We called and texted her, but she wouldn't answer us. It was right in the middle of our companionship study and we had tons of things to do, but we decided to just go. She met us outside and just spilled out all these problems on how she is getting kicked out of the house, she has a little bit of autism and she shouldn't get baptized this week. We were like UH WHAT!!!!  She called her dad, who is a druggie and going to jail soon, and she is living with him for the next two weeks before he heads to jail. This all lasted for like 2 hours. She gave us a lot more stories and details-this email would be like a novel if i wrote it all down. We got her a ride to church and she came to church yesterday. She then tells us that she is doing good and she wants to get baptized again this weekend. We talked to the bishop and ward mission leader about it and they aren't too sure about it. Our mission president told us if she has a desire to get baptized, then do it, but she isn't ready at all. We have taught her two lessons and we know she doesn't know hardly anything that she needs to. But we are going to work like crazy to try and get all the lessons in this week and try to baptize her, but we don't know how it will all work out. It just depends on the things we feel and if we get everything done that we need to. It doesn't help either that she changes her mind ever second!!! Sister Fuhriman and I really want to baptize her, but we aren't having very good feelings about it right now. So we will just see how things work out this week and if we end up having two baptisms or just Davids! I hope everything works out, but if it is our Heavenly Father's will, it will. He will make everything possible if He wants it to happen :)
On Wednesday mornings, we volunteer at an Adult handicap center. Those people are Hilarious!!!!! It's so funny. It is fun to be there with them and dance and sing. They love us and never want us to leave. Other then that, this week has just been busy with appointments and tracting. I love missionary work!! I'm getting the hang of it and really loving it. Can you believe I have been our for a month!! The fastest and SLOWEST month ever. haha only 17 more to go! WOOT WOOT! I love you all so much. Thank you for your love, support and prayers. You guys are amazing and I couldn't do it without you :) I love you!!!

I couldn't help it!  I had to take the picture!  Reminds me of Cedar! hee hee 

Break time at lunch.

We were weekly planning (takes forever) and eating chocolate. 
 I opened this and couldn't resist.  It was a sign. :)

Cute family in our ward who feeds us sometimes.  
They wanted to do my hair and take a picture with it done.  

Nose Strips, my sweet new PJ's and My Ipad.

With David, our investigator.

This is Obi, a recent convert- he was baptized right before I came here. 
 He is moving to school today.

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