Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baptisms and Prayer, brings blessings!

Monday, September 7, 2015
(Because it is Labor Day, the library was closed so Sister Brooks emailed from a restaurant with her Ipad. They ate lunch there after emailing)

Emailing with Ipads at a restaurant called Panera (it's like Zupas) "I can't wait to eat!"

Hello family!! 
This week is seriously been so good and busy. We have had a few appointments and service projects. There's 3 people we are cleaning their house for and it's seriously nasty. It doesn't help that they all have cats or dogs. I officially hate cats. And probably not be getting a dog for a long time or a dog at all. Every single house has a dog or cat, I kid you not. It's seriously so gross and they stink so bad. Ewwww.
For P-day last Monday we had our sisters p-day with our zone. We had balloons and filled them up with paint and threw darts at them. I am best friends with all the Hermanas. (Spanish sisters). I'm learning Spanish from one of the sisters in my district but I'm not getting anywhere with that. Ha ha 
I'll just skip to the cool part. So David's (our investigator who was baptized) birthday was on Friday. We made him a little card and made some brownies because that is his favorite. We brought them over to him and he seemed so sad. We were talking to him and he was saying how his birthday has been so bad and he's been crying. He works at a scrap yard, and his best friend is his boss but treats him really bad. He gets hardly any money and works the longest and does the hardest job. He just really needs more money and less physical labor because he just turned 57. His boss doesn't know that he doesn't want to work on Sunday's either. David just doesn't show up.  He asked if we could pray for him to either get a raise or to get a different job. We have been praying for that a lot. 
Saturday was his baptism. We went and visited him before his baptism to see how he was doing. He said that he has felt so much peace and joy and has felt like someone was with him this week. HOLY GHOST!!! He came to his baptism and everything went perfect. It was so spiritual. We had so many ward members come up to us and tell us how amazing he is and how they feel like he has been a member his whole life. The ward already loves him. After his baptism, we were going to an investigators house and we get a call from David. We were really curious about things. He told us how his boss called him and told him he was going to be one of the highest paid people in the job and he was going to get a job with less labor. His boss didn't care about him having Sunday's off and was really willing and open. We were so happy for David and David was so so happy. He kept saying "I just got baptized and I already see the blessings, it's amazing. I can't wait to get the Holy Ghost and see more blessings." Prayers are truly answered. I have grown such a testimony about that on my mission already. If you ever need anything, pray to our Heavenly Father and if you have faith, he will make it happen. There's a scripture about that, I just stink at memorizing where it is. I'm working on that. 
Sunday he received the Holy Ghost in church and you can just see the light he has and how much happier he is. He is so awesome. We love David. 
Other then that, this week has just been busy with appointments and visiting people. Ashley is scheduled to be baptized September 20, if everything goes according to planned. So we hope it all works out. I'm emailing on my IPad, and I took a picture of me, my companion and David on his baptism, so I'll have to send it next week when I am at the computer. I love you so so much. Thank you for you love and all your support. I will send pictures soon. I love you :) 

Love Sister Brooks. 

 With Hermana Beckstead in my district
 Zone P-day
  Zone P-day
 Me, my trainer, and my trainer's trainer!
A sneak peek at David's baptism- a picture of a picture. I will send real picture next week. 


  1. sister Brooks! I love reading your journey! I never served a full time mission, so I feel like I am living vicariously through you! You are amazing. Thank you for inspiring me!!

  2. sister Brooks! I love reading your journey! I never served a full time mission, so I feel like I am living vicariously through you! You are amazing. Thank you for inspiring me!!