Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Woo Hoo! Email

Monday, August 17, 2015

Woo hoo! I am finally in the wonderful state of Virginia :) It seriously is the best. It hasn't been very humid lately, but the days when they are, are not fun at all. ha ha. Virginia is so much different from Utah!! For one, there are trees EVERYWHERE. On the roads, they are right up to them. They don't have any side walks, so its either grass or giant trees. The speed limit is 45 in residential areas and 65-70 on the free way. It's so fast!!  The roads are SUPER narrow and turn like crazy. I don't know how they do it. They also don't have any street lights, so when the sun goes down, it's SO dark. It's kind of creepy with the narrow streets and the crazy tall trees everywhere. The mission is amazing. I have been in Virginia for one week and I already love it so much. The area I cover is just one ward and it's a big area. They have to travel like 20 or so minutes to church for some of them. We get pretty spoiled and get member dinners almost every night. It is so dang awesome!!!!
The week before I got here, the sisters found an investigator named David Miller. They taught him one lesson and have committed him to be baptized!!! We taught him again last week, invited him to church and he came to church with us!! I'll hopefully be having a baptism on September 5 :) woo hoo!! Missionary work really is so exciting, there are definitely difficult times, but nothing is better than serving the Lord. People in Virginia are Catholic or Baptist and believe in the bible and want nothing to do with us. Tracting sometimes is really hard and man, in a week, I've already met some nasty people!! ha ha They are really rude and truly do slam the door in your face. Thank goodness the Spirit is with me or else the Brooks side of me would come out and I would punch them in the face telling them they don't know what they are missing. he he. I want to do that sometimes. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, my last day in the MTC, Sunday, August 9th, the presidency chooses one elder and one sister to give a talk in sacrament meeting.  They won't tell you until they announce it at the pulpit.  Out of 50 people, guess who had to speak?  hahahahahah, you're right, ME!  I had to speak for 3-5 minutes about the Book of Mormon, so it was super easy!  I wasn't scared at all.  Talking is getting so easy for me now.

For our P-day, after we are done emailing, we are going shopping (clothes and food), then relax and clean our apartment- we found ants- ewwwwwww!  Missionary work begins again at 6!

Everything else has been going so well. Almost three weeks!! woo hoo! I love being a missionary!! I love you all so much!!!!!! The gospel is true :)

Love, Sister Brooks :)

 Dinner at the Whitehead's- Traditional Filipino meal.

Ready for church

P-day, at the library- emailing :)

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