Thursday, August 6, 2015

Loving these special letters from the MTC!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hi Family!! I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you so much for the donuts :) You guys are the best!  How is my favorite family doing?  Everything is going good for me.  It’s crazy how strong the Spirit is.  Almost everything everyone says about the MTC is true- The food is gross, chocolate milk is the bomb, days are long and it
feels like it has been 3 weeks (and it’s only been two days ha ha) I taught my first investigator today.  I just got done teaching.  Even though it was a role play, it was amazing.  You could really feel the spirit.  We also received another investigator tonight we will be teaching next week.  Some are role play and some are really
investigators.  They won’t tell us which one is which, so we just have to do good no matter what.  So cool!!!!  

To answer your question about if I have seen the friends I met on facebook before coming to the MTC, I have only seen Sister Sylvester (Rachel) and Sister Fitt (Madi) a few times.  I am not rooming with any of them or hardly see them much.  We don’t even have the same lunch or dinner so that stinks.  My room loves
you for the donuts, and me too of course.  Definitely what we needed.  

Mom and Dad, thank you for the letters.  It made me so dang happy reading them.  It’s so true that getting letters is so fun.  It’s like Christmas for missionaries.  I feel bad for not writing Mike, Chris and Ty more while they were on their missions. So, sorry- kind of ha ha.  I am really lucky to have such an amazing family like you
guys.  Mike, Chris and Ty, thanks for always being such wonderful examples and always being there for me.  You guys are my heros and I look up to you so much!!!  Bebe Kel, you are the sweetest and most beautiful girl!  I am so lucky to have you as my best friend and sister.  Keep up the good work. I love you guys!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hello Sweet Family!  I sure do love you.  Today has been about the same-- spiritual, long, busy, and slow. :) The lessons we are taught are amazing.  Its so cool to see how much I have grown already.  I feel like a whole new person.  It’s very cool.  The bad thing. . .  I miss my “Squatty Potty”.  Please send it- I wish!  All of us feel like
our bowels are not working- must be all that MTC food.

We have been preparing so many lessons.  My companion and I have 3 lesson we need to teach on Monday.  It’s so fun to prepare and teach.  Half the time, the lessons don’t go how you planned them because the Spirit takes over and changes ito a new direction.  You have to rely on the Lord ALL THE TIME! It’s amazing what and how HE helps you. I will write more later.  It’s bed time.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Today was so nice to have a change.  We all met for a devotional Sunday Morning. The MTC Presidency and their wives spoke.  The are way sweet.  They did an amazing job.  We then got with our zone and had Sacrament meeting.  It was cool to hear everyone’s testimonies.  Later this night, we had Sheri Dew come and speak
to us.  She talked all about Jesus Christ and teaching others.  After the devotional, we were able to watch some videos and my district watched a video from Elder Bednar- All the Characteristics of Christ.  Best talk I have ever heard- like, Holy Cow!  I think it is only for the MTC and I don’t know why because it was amazing.  It was so nice to have a different day and settings.  It went by fast
actually. Yay!

Monday, August 3, 2105

Hello! Today was a very good day.  We were able to teach two investigators a member lesson.  It is so cool to be in such a real setting and teach people.  I can’t wait to go out and teach people.  It is so special and sweet to see your investigators and improve their life.  It finally is starting to go so fast and that is
nice.  I can’t wait to email you guys on Thursday.  I hope you get this letter before Thursday.  I will be sending it tomorrow, Tuesday, the 4th.  I love you! 

 Love, your favorite Sister

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