Monday, February 22, 2016

Training, Tracting and Killing a Chicken!

 Hello my favorite people!

I am so sorry my email has been working really strange lately and I
don’t think I have gotten all the emails that have been sent and some of mine haven't been sending.  I am really sorry, but hopefully things will start working now. 

This morning we had a sisters preparation day and we went to the
Richmond Metro Zoo.  It’s like 1/4 of the San Diego Zoo but it was still fun.  We had the 10 sisters in our Zone and then President Wilson came with us.  I will send lots of pictures.

We are teaching this guy named Dan.  He works at the dump and we teach him there.  In Powhatan, there aren’t any garbage men/trucks, because the houses are too spread apart and too far away from each other, so everyone has to take their trash to the dump.  Dan is an older guy and really wants to believe there is a God but he wants evidence or a "spiritual witness" like Joseph Smith.  He has grown so much since we have taught him.  He reads the Book of Mormon when we assign him something to read.  If we don’t assign him, he won’t read it.  So we make sure to assign him something every time.  He is doing great!  Every time we are there, he just tells us how amazing we are and how special we are because we are taking our time out of our life to do this.  We love that he says that because we get to bear testimony to him about how much we love the Savior and this wonderful Gospel.  It brings the spirit in a lot and it helps him know how important this is. 

We went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders.  I stayed in Powhatan and I was with Sister Schenck.  Her original call is the
Nauvoo Temple, but she is out here for 4 transfers so she can get the experience of a proselyting mission. We pretty much tracted all day, and we found some really cool people to teach.  We tracted into a member, so embarrassing, but I am new to the area so that worked out great and also he doesn't attend Powhatan ward anymore because he is going through a nasty divorce... his wife was unfaithful.. he’s so sweet though.  He gave us two really good referrals and the one is really interested.  They are a cute little family and we will be meeting with them again this week.  We also say an "albino deer" while we were driving.  It was really white and it had red eyes.  It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. I tried taking a picture but it doesn’t do justice. 

Albino Deer

We had sister's meeting this week. It’s self explanatory, but it’s where all the sisters in the mission get together and we have really good trainings and eat good food and of course do a clothing exchange.  It was fun to see all the sisters I know and be with them. 

Sad news, after being out for almost 7 months, I got asked to give a
talk.... I will be speaking next Sunday. They didn’t even give me a topic, so it was really hard for me to narrow it down, but the spirit just kept flooding it. Ill let you know how it goes. Thank goodness for having a small ward! haha

Okay.. the moment y’all have been waiting for. YES, I KILLED CHICKEN THIS SATURDAY!!!!  It was seriously so fun and yes kind of gross.  I will have plenty of videos and pictures for y’all this week. We did it at the Despains, the same family we had lunch with on the ground. They are known for being Santa and Mrs. Claus. They are the best!! 

This week hasn’t been too successful though sadly, a lot of tracting
and a lot of crazy people.  We did get threatened to have to cops called on us last night. We told them to go ahead, we could have probably seen our cop friends and taught them a lesson, but we got out of there before they came. Virginians are funny. 

Scripture of the week: 1 Nephi 10:18- it says that Jesus Christ is
always the same, if we repent and come closer to Christ, the way will be prepared and ready for us. 

I love y’all so so so much!!!  Have a wonderful week! 

Love Sister Brooks!

He liked the Book of Mormon :)

Brother Noe's old bike

I had to get new boots- can you tell why?

I got an amazing deal on new boots at Kohl's.
They were originally $100.

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