Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sister Brooks is not KIDNAPPED!

Sister Kaylee Brooks did not email this week.  We are not sure why.  It could be combination of it was a Holiday (President's Day) and the Public Library would be closed so she was unable to use their computers to email home or she was just flat out BUSY!  I am sure we will  hear the reason why in her email this next Monday- if she emails us. :)  When Thursday came along, her Dad and I were thinking we wanted to know if she was OK and not kidnapped or anything crazy like that- if you have read her previous blog posts (emails), you would understand that it might be possible for two cute girls that are way too brave and trusting, and thinking they are invincible, to have something go wrong.  We just wanted to know Sister Kaylee Brooks is OK!  Her weekly emails let us know that all is well and is a good "check in" for us. Thankfully, before making the embarrassing call to the mission home to "check on our daughter", I received a Facebook notification that the "Virginia Richmond Misson" had posts some pictures. I excitedly looked through the pictures and found that Sister Kaylee Brooks and her companion, Sister Squires had not been kidnapped and they are safe and sound. Awwww!

Sister Mari-Lynn Johnston Wilson posted:
"Another wonderful day with the Sisters from The Richmond, Chesterfield, 
Midlothian and Waynesboro Zones!" February 17, 2016

Sister Kaylee Brooks and Sister Squires, sitting with
Sister Brooks' former companion, Sister Tadd and her companion ?
I can see Sister Brooks' beautiful hair (back of her head)  :)
Every picture I see of her, face or not, gives me happy chills!

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