Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthday, Tracting, Tracting, and Tracting, plus Dogs and cleaning service!

My Favorite people!

This week has been so great, thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a good day. Not much different than any other day though, but still so good! Sister Squires’ Birthday was on Tuesday, so it was fun to share the week with her. It was a party.

We had so many funny experiences this week, but we had so many miracles. We will start for the miracles of the week!

First: Monday night we were just out tracting. That’s not a miracle, but we knocked on this door and an old man answered and looked at us and invited us in. We were really shocked he let us in. It’s never happened to me before in Powhatan. When we were inside his house and still by the door, he asked us who we were and what he can help us with. We explain to him who we were and not even a second later, he opens the door and tells us to have a nice night. We were laughing so hard. But we were so happy we actually got in a door. But it didn’t last long.
We were at the dump, teaching our investigator Dan. An older guy named Charles Pratt came up to us and started talking to us and Dan and talking about politics and then I completely zoned out until I heard, "Hey, I am one of you guys." Sister Squires and I were like what?? He explained that he had 7 brothers who served missions and he was converted about 40 or so years ago but hasn’t been to church in the last 30 years. We looked on LDS Tools and his name wasn’t on there, so we figured he never got his records moved. We invited him to church and didn’t think anything of it the rest of the week. We were sitting on the stands yesterday because I was giving a talk and we also sing in the ward choir. Sister Squires leaned over to me and asks if that was Charles sitting in the back of the room and guess what IT WAS!!! He said that he really needed to come to church again and it was great that we invited him to come. He wants to start coming back.
We were tracting yet again and met some really cool people. This week was so great. We met this young mom named Andrea. We shared the restoration with her and she really liked it. We started to talk about the Book of Mormon and she explained about a year ago Elders met her and gave her one. She said she hasn’t thrown it away because she new it was special. She hasn’t read it, but said she will start to because it sounds wonderful. She is right, it really is!!

We also met this girl named Althea. She was a referral from a member in a ward and we have tried to see her for about a week or two. We finally caught her at a good time and told her about the restoration. She loved it and said it all sounded so good and that it really interested her. She said she would start reading the Book of Mormon and wants to continue to meet with us. YAY!

And again.... We were tracting hahaha and met this 17 year old Zack. He was walking out of his house to wait for his friend to come. We introduced ourselves and he said that he didn’t like his church because it didn’t feel right and it was about an hour away. So we told him about our church and again, we taught the restoration! haha He said he loved that and really related to Joseph Smith. We are going back to meet with him on Friday. His friend ended up coming and then they both went inside. We continued to tract and then next thing we know he ran out the door full speed at us. We both looked at each other and just said, "oh no, this better not be bad." He ran over to us and warned us not to go to two of the houses on the street because they weren’t nice and we would "run into a bad situation". We took his advice and didn’t end up going to those. It was so nice of him to run back out and warn us.

Now for some funny stories:
So.. we ran out of miles, so we pretty much walked everywhere this week. We were just tracting this street, wow, I feel like that’s all I have talked about. It was raining and really cold. Everyone in Powhatan has No Trespassing signs, but that has never stopped us before. We walked up to this one guy’s house and knocked. He opened the door and started screaming at us about how we missed the two No Trespassing signs and we better leave now. We walked down his wooden stairs that were really wet. I walked down first and next thing I hear was a loud boom. I turned around and Sister Squires was flat on her behind. She has a nice bruise now.

Then, a few hours later, were walking up to this potentials house. They had two little pugs and I was being brave and started walking to the door. They were so small I thought I would be able to conquer them. Next thing I know they are charging at me and trying to bite me. Sister Squires ran and got safely into the car. I ended up getting chased around the yard and the car and after about 3 minutes jumped into the car as fast as I could. I hate dogs.

The Relief Society President called us and asked if we wanted to go clean this older lady's house. We agreed and she warned us that it was really gross, but she was out of town and we were going to do it without her knowing. So.. long story short, we broke into a less active’s house and EWWW, her house was nasty. But we cleaned her kitchen and living room. It sparkled! When she got home the next day, she called the Relief Society president and cried and told her how happy it was to come home to a clean home.

Scripture of the week: I was preparing my talk and came across this scripture in Matthew 26:39. It was when Jesus Christ was being crucified and he asks Heavenly Father that if it is His will, let the cup pass from him. I love that because Jesus Christ is so humble and submitted His will to Heavenly Fathers. He didn’t complain or anything. Jesus Christ is the perfect example for us and I am striving to be more humble and focus on God’s will instead of my own each day.

I love y’all so much. Have a wonderful week :)

Love Sister Brooks :)

Ty and Ashley gave me a Ukulele for my birthday.  Thanks!!

I am a firefighter!

A tornado came through and missed us by 10 minutes.

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