Monday, February 8, 2016

Powhatan- Success, happiness, and blood squirting chicken :)

Sister Brooks and Sister Squires


Let’s just say life in Powhatan is never a dull moment. There’s always some crazy story and something funny that happens here.

On Tuesdays, we go and volunteer at the Food Bank. We stock the shelves and put orders together that people want. It makes me so sad to see the situation people are in and how they don't have any food. I am glad they have things like this to help those in need. it’s really fun to be there and make friends with the workers and people who come in, and of course, we get to relate the gospel to them some how, THAT'S PERFECT HAPPINESS RIGHT THERE!

We have started to teach this girl named Katie. Her Grandma that lives in Midlothian was just baptized and she attended that. Sister Squires used to teach her Grandpa and then when I got here, she said she was interested in learning. We have her on date right now, but it all depends on if she comes to church and when her date will be. She didn't come to church yesterday so that was a bummer, but she is really interested and has some really cool experiences on how she felt the Holy Ghost and saved her daughters life. We see her Tuesdays and Thursdays, so hopefully we can help her and motivate her to come to church.

We also found this really cute girl named Melanie. We had an hour before dinner yesterday and decided to go do some potentials. We stopped at her house first and she was outside playing with her little autistic boy. He is so cute!!  She told us the Elders came and saw her about 6 months ago and taught her a little. She knew a Mormon family and said she loved talking with them because they were so sweet. She said she has never met a rude Mormon. She explained to us how she is a therapist and uses her horses to help her clients. It really sounds so cool. As we were leaving, Sister Squires asked her if we could do anything for her or any service, she got really excited and said she wants to take us out to feed her horses and have us help her with them. We got really excited!! We can’t wait :)

So... some funny and gross stories now. . .

We were at a members house for dinner and she made this really yummy chicken, stuffing and salad. I cut into my chicken and took a good bite, wow it was good. I cut into it again and blood squirt out. I cut in a little more and no joke, blood just flooded out. I almost threw up. Yeah, I didn’t eat anything else after that one.

We send a scripture out every single day to our investigators. I was texting out a scripture and I accidentally put "moron", instead of "Moroni". I was made fun of all day, hahaha.

Well.. yet again, we were tracting on a street. All the streets are PITCH black and the houses are at least 200 yards from each other so we have to walk a good ways. But anyway, someone called the cops on us again, haha.  I’m starting to become really good friends with all the cops now. :)     

There’s this place here called, The Clothes Closet.  You pay $3 and get a big brown bag and you can fill up with clothes. So of course we went today and bought the ugliest clothes and we had way too much fun!! haha 

Scripture of the week: Exodus 4:12- The Holy Ghost will always tell you and put words into your mouth and let us know what we need to say. He is never going to leave us a lone, we just need to
be brave and know he will help us. 

I love y’all so much, have a wonderful week!! 

Love, Sister Brooks

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