Monday, October 3, 2016

Spiritual uplifting week!

Emailing with Sister Sorensen and Sister Fitt
Happy October! 

This week has been crazy in a good way, of course. We've had so many meetings. Monday for P-day, we drove 45 minutes out to Powhatan to hang out with some sisters in our zone. One of them was leaving on medical leave, so we went to give some moral support and had some fun! :) Tuesday was our only full day to proselyte, but it rained ALL day and we could hardly do anything. It was so lame because VCU campus is DEAD when it rains. Wednesday we had MLC, which is always super fun! I love it so much; it's great to be able to discuss ways to better the mission. Thursday we had interviews with President Smith, and then went to dinner with him, Sister Smith, and the zone leaders. Friday we had zone meeting, and also, NOW I’M IN A TRIO!!!! Since one of the sisters in our zone had to go home, her companion is now our companion until the end of the transfer. Her name is Sister Sorensen and she's the cutest thing ever. She's actually a greenie, so we are finishing up her training as well. So it's been lots of fun! :)
Zone Meeting

Dinner with President and Sister Smith and the zone leaders 
My Trio Companionship

We had a super cool miracle this week. Marcus, our recent convert has been battling trial after trial since he was baptized. His family is SUUUPER not supportive and a little bit crazy about him joining the church, so he hasn't been able to come since. But Friday, he came to the institute building for a lesson, and he was telling us about his life and everything that has been going on. Sister Sorensen TOTALLY followed the spirit and invited him to receive a priesthood blessing. We texted the Aps (Assistant to the President) and they were on their way back to the church but they weren't very close. But... Not even two minutes later after Marcus agreed to the blessing, the Richmond Branch elders walked by the room we were in, and then walked off. We literally ran down the hallway and snagged them to give Marcus a blessing, which ended up being wonderful and exactly what he needed. The really amazing part was that the Richmond Elders kept trying to go drop in on a few people while biking, and THREE different times they tried to cross the bridge and had THREE flat tires. So after all the flat tires, they decided to come back to the institute building to reevaluate their night. God had it happen for a reason, so Marcus could have a priesthood blessing! Especially since we don't get to meet with him in person as often as we would like as his mother won't really let him. 
Ice cream with our investigator, Malcolm 
General Conference was amazing!!! I especially love how missionary minded it was. :) There were so many great talks, I couldn't even pick a favorite. We are just so blessed to be able to hear from the prophet and the apostles every six months and to receive personal revelation for ourselves! I learned lots of great ways to help our investigators and to help myself as well. It's amazing how God works! :) 
In between conference Saturday, we went to lunch.
  Left to right, Ryan, Emma Claire, Sister Fitt and I, Jacob and Tawny
No, Tawny doesn't have cancer, she shaved her head for Fun
I love Emma Claire

Shaquan at Sunday conference 

Well, also this weekend will be transfer calls. . This transfer was one of the fastest yet!! Times flies when you're having fun, and are super busy. :) So I'll let y'all know if I'm getting transferred next week! 

Scripture of the week: John 5:3- I went into conference with a few questions. I was able to receive my answers, some were what I wanted to hear and others weren't. Conference talked a lot about accepting God’s will. I have learned a lot about that on my mission and I really know it is so important to trust and submit our wills to God. God has a plan for each of us; we just need to trust him. Sometimes it may not be the answer that we wanted, but in the end, it will all work out for the best. 

I love ya'll so much and pray for you every day! Sister Brooks in Virginia loves you!

Love Sister Brooks :) 

Our ward mission leader, Do. He's seriously the best. 

When you're playing murder in the dark and you turn on the lights
 and you see Colton like this
Picture time during studies. :)

Side note from Mom:
I received a text on Saturday, October 1. 2016 from Daniel.  "Oh Hello Sister Brooks' mom.  I am here in Utah for General Conference."  I asked Daniel to please send me a picture so I could share his picture through email with Sister Brooks.  Thanks for the picture Daniel!

Another picture that Daniel text to me during the week:

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