Sunday, April 17, 2016

Special emails from Despain Family (Powhatan, Virginia)

Ron and Kathy Despain, a sweet family that Sister Brooks has met and enjoyed being in their home in Powhatan, Virginia, have sent a few special emails to Sister Brooks' family:

Email sent February 20, 2016

This is just a little note to thank you for your sweet daughter and the sweet spirit that she brings here in Powhatan, VA.  She represents herself, your family and the Lord in a good and honorable way.  We love having her and her companion in our home and the good spirit that they always bring.  
Even though missionary work is difficult at times, they continue to bring light to this part of the Lord's vineyard.  They are growing into the type of women that you want them to be.  You should be proud.  Again, thank you.

Ron and Kathy Despain

February 21, 2016

We will indeed make sure that your daughter gets her special "hug"  birthday gift.  We're glad that you don't think unkindly of us for making you daughter eat off of the floor....hahaha. 

Oh, by the way, we had your sweet daughter and her companion over for lunch yesterday and dinner today.  We made a cake for her and sang happy birthday.  There is something that happened this weekend while they were really won't believe it....... She was can I say it......brave....Hahaha.  We won't tell you more since your daughter will be sending you pictures and a description.....We love your daughter like our own.  Thank you for sharing.

Here is a picture of us.  We hope that it makes you smile.

February 26, 2016

Just to give you an update....
I found where the sisters were having dinner this evening at the Halpins and met them there.  I actually got there before they did.. hahaha... so when the Sisters got there they peeked around the corner not sure what I was going to do.  Well they thought I was going to throw a pie in their faces... hahahhaha ... I wonder where they got that idea????  Who me??  hahaha, oh well.  

I said, “This is from your mom." and I gave her a great big hug, then I said, "This is from your dad, Bro. Despain can't give this to you from your dad, so I will give it to you from your dad." And I gave her another big hug.  She just giggled and said, "Ahhhhh" "Thanks so much!" Laughing she said, "This is so much better than a pie in the face."

Birthday wish delivered with love.
Thanks for allowing me to do this for you.

 April 17, 2016

Benita & family,

We still appreciate your daughter and the sweet spirit that she and her companion bring into our home.  We know that you must be so proud.  Here are some pictures that will make you smile.

With love,
Ron & Kathy Despain

Thank you Despain Family!  The pictures did make us smile!!

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