Sunday, April 3, 2016

General Conference Sunday Surprises!

This post is written by Mom:

General Conference was WONDERFUL but to add to the beautiful day, Sister Kaylee Brooks emailed some surprise pictures from her camera.  (When she has Wifi, she can email pictures from her camera).  

Happy Conference Face!
Pictures taken during the break of General Conference

In between the morning and afternoon session of General Conference on Sunday, Ashley, my daughter in law (Sister Brooks' sister in law) text me a cute picture that she happily saw on Facebook. Ashley follows "Mormon Fun" and saw that someone posts this cute meme. We were so surprised to see this picture.  We were so HAPPY! It made our day even better! These pictures were originally taken in August of 2015, just a few weeks of Sister Brooks being in Virginia. The meme was put together by some unknown person from Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk in the morning session as he remembered the responses and excitement of the missionaries in Thailand when they announced a temple there a year ago.  After all the missionaries got word of the temple, "the whole mission was up in the middle of the night, jumping on their beds."  "Please don't tell the missionary department!" :)  LOVE IT!

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