Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Miracles Trump All!

Emaling at the library :)

Happy Monday!! 

I hope y'all had a wonderful week and enjoyed the wonderful gifts and blessings God has given you this week.

This week went by crazy fast. I can't believe how fast time is flying!! It has been another fantastic week full of miracles and of course some sad moments, but the happy things trump them all!! 

We were able to meet with James and Lisa Monday because they will both be heading out of town, so we had to see them before they left. James is usually a little reserved and doesn't really answer things for himself, he relies on Lisa too much, but he has been really good lately. We were talking to them about conference and how they enjoyed it. We challenged them to go into conference with questions and if they paid attention, they would receive the answers that they needed. They both went in with super good questions. Lisa said that her questions were answered so fast and she was so happy about that. She is so happy to be learning and growing in this church again. Her faith and desire is amazing. I can't tell you how much she has changed and what an amazing example she is to James. James opened up to us and told us his questions, he didn't even tell Lisa until right then. His questions were about the Book of Mormon, prophets, if the church was true and if he should get baptized. He said he loved conference and was able to get a lot of insight and had some questions answered. He is progressing and doing so well. He knows the church is true, I think his main concern is living the "Mormon lifestyle". He just needs to put his trust in the lord and know he can do it. He is definitely doing very well and I have seen a lot of change in him. It's hard because we have taught him everything multiple times and a lot more random topics, we can't do or teach him anything that he doesn't know or will give him the "ahh I get it" moment, it has to be up to him now and he has to put in the effort. So we are trying to help him with that. I love Lisa and James!!! 

BIGGEST MIRACLE EVER!!!! Brother Stockton, a member who is going through a rough divorce, gave us this referral a week ago. He gave it to us in the beginning of the week, but we had so many things planned so we weren't able to get to her house until the middle of the week. When we knocked, she answered, said her named was Krista and told us she would love to talk but someone is coming to look at her house so she has to leave. She expressed she really wanted to meet with us though. She gave us her number and told us to call her. So a few days passed and on Tuesday night we called her.  She was so excited and asked us to come on Wednesday morning and talk with her more. We got a member and went to see her on Wednesday. She told us a little of her background and what was going on. She is also going through a nasty divorce and attends a local church in Powhatan- PCC- it's pretty much a party church that 3/4 of Powhatan attends. She was telling us how she had a friend (the guy we know who gave us her as a referral but she doesn't know that) who started talking to her about the church and what he believed in. She was really touched because she said she knew something was missing from her church. She then started telling us about the day we came. She explained that she didn't have enough money to keep paying for her house and she needed to down size. She put the house on the market and nothing was happening. At the beginning of the week she got a call that someone was going to come look at her house on Wednesday morning. So Wednesday morning came and she prayed and prayed that she would know what she needed to do and that she would do God’s will and what He wanted, She asked for some guidance and direction. Only a few minutes past after she said amen and we knocked on the door!!!!! (This has always been a Dream of mine to knock on the door just as they got done praying). She knew this was the answer and she needed to listen to us. She couldn't because the people were coming to look at the house. Long story short, right after the people looked through it, they told her they are buying her house and will pay the full price. She knew God was definitely looking out for her that day. She then told us she was talking to her friend and he was telling her all about the Book of Mormon. She ran around town trying to find one but wasn't having any luck. We told her that we had one for her and showed her. She got a little emotional and told us thank you so much, she couldn't wait to start reading it. We shared the restoration with her and she related to that so well. Our member that was with us had a son who was going through something really similar to her, so she was able to help her out a lot. We invited her to be baptized, because we do that every lesson, and she said yes!! So she is now on date. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday because she had to teach at her church, but she is going to find someone to cover for her next Sunday so she can attend. We have stake conference next week and two general authorities from the 70’s will be speaking, so that will be very good for her. I can't wait! She is the cutest!! Definitely made the week soooo good!! Heavenly Father is great!! :) 

Sad story now- our investigator Michael, I talked about him a while ago, he has a drinking problem and was doing SO good for a while but now he is doing awful. He drinks about every day now :( Last week when we were on exchanges, Sister Mailata and Sister Patching went to see him. He was drunk and explained that he didn't want to hear our message anymore and that he wasn't interested. We decided to try him again this week and see how he was doing. Right when we pulled up to his house, he stormed out, with alcohol in his hand and started YELLING at us. He said he was so stressed and going through a lot of things and couldn't deal with us right now. He started getting very emotional. We asked if we could help him with his stress and he said yes, to get out of here. I have never seen him like that and it was super scary... He was starting to walk toward us as he was yelling.  Thank goodness the car was right there because I jumped right in. :( It's sad to see the influence of alcohol. It makes me so sad. I hope one day the missionaries will go back over there and he will be ready to hear and accept this wonderful messages of Jesus Christ. 

We had zone conference this week (we have had so many meetings lately but I love it because I receive so many wonderful thoughts and revelations on how I can help investigators and myself to become a better missionary and person.) we talked a lot about how we can be more diligent, obedient missionary's, This gets talked about every time... Haha,  We learned about better ways to find people, how we need to listen, seeking revelation and what our purposes as missionaries are. It was so wonderful, I loved it. I received great insight, not only for our investigators, but also for myself and how I can be the best missionary that I can be. I am so grateful for the calling that I have to be a representative of our Savior and brother Jesus Christ. I've been thinking a lot about the wonderful calling and privilege I have. I get to wake up every morning and put Jesus Christ name and my name, over my heart each day and teach those about him and this wonderful gospel we are a part of. I hope we are all striving and want to become more like our Savior each and every day and grow closer to him. I am so happy I am out serving in Virginia right now. I know I've been called here for a reason and this is where I need to be. I wouldn't change this for the world!!! 

Note- The following pictures of Zone Conference were posted on Facebook by Sister Wilson:

I (mom) had to put this picture on here.
I love to see the back of Sister Brooks' hair (green sweater)- so pretty!- It's a mom-thing!

We just had Sister’s Preparation day. We went to the James River and Belle Isle, a little island which is super pretty... Picture overload this week, and then we ate lunch on the grass of the Capitol. It was really fun. 

James River:

Belle Isle:

With Sister Mailata

With Sister Patching (one of my STLs)

With Sister Wagstaff

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 13:7-8. I love this scripture so much. I know if we ask God questions or things, He will answer them. I know that if we seek and act on the answers that we get, that we will be able to be successful and we will find the things that we need. I know Heavenly Father answered our prayers. We just need to have the faith that he will and act on that faith. 

I love y'all so much, have a wonderful week and don't forgot Sister Brooks and your Heavenly Father loves you!!!!!

Love Sister Brooks :)

Our new hats!

I am on a hunt to find street names after all three of my brothers.  So far John B. Trail (Christopher John Brooks) and Tyler Drive.  Still looking for Mike!

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