Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We Live For Miracles!

Monday October 19, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been a pretty good week. We haven't had too many lessons this week, which was a bummer, but we have found a few little miracles. I live for miracles. THEY ARE THE BEST EVER!!! Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening, we were on exchanges with the STL (Sister Training Leaders). They are seriously so sweet. I stayed in Mechanicsville, my area, and Hermana Draper came to be my companion. (Chris, I have found your future wife. Picture will be coming soon.) Also, Jeff's companion knows her too. Small world! I learned a lot from being with her and found a few new ways to reel people in on door approaches. I’m not going to lie,  my cast is pretty good and I hook them and reel them in quick!  Did you like my analogy dad, Chris, Ty and Mike? It probably didn't make sense, but oh well.  We have found 3 people that are pretty interested and want us to come back. We are meeting with one tonight named Patricia. She reminds me exactly of mom, seriously the nicest, cutest and thinnest lady. I can’t wait to meet with her tonight and to hopefully continue to meet with her. 

As we were done nightly planning and saying our prayers, we prayed that we would have a miracle happen for the following day, Friday. So Friday morning, we went off to Sync our Ipads. We have to go to McDonalds or somewhere with Wi-Fi every day so we can sync our Ipads so we both have the same information. I looked at my Ipad and was like, what the heck, why do we have this random kid named Dre Foggs on date? Really confused. As I clicked on his name, I was reading all about him and he is this little boy age 8-11 who used to live in Midlothian, Virginia but moving in our area and really wants to get baptized. His dad is less active but just started coming back to church recently. He is on date for this weekend, but we haven't seen him or taught him anything yet. We are hoping to get him baptized on Sunday, it just all depends how much we teach him and how the interview goes with bishop. So we could have a baptism this week or next week!! yay :) 

We were able to go to activity days this week. We wanted the girls to decorate Halloween cookies for our investigators and write notes to them. We made the cookies and some notes and brought them to activity days. The girls did so good. The notes and letters they wrote to them were so sweet and thoughtful. We had a few people cry and just thank us for the notes. Hopefully it will soften them up and want to learn more from us :)

Scripture for the week: D&C 68:6, look it up, it says how the Lord is always with us and will stand by us all the time. This scripture has really helped me when I am homesick or not having a good day. I know the Lord is always with me and standing right next to me.

I love ya’ll so much!! Thank you for being the best and so dang supportive!! Have a wonderful week :)

 Love Sister Brooks 

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