Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Funniest, weirdest, and testimony builder week!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Family and Friends,
This week has seriously been the funniest, weirdest and the most testimony builder I have ever had.

The week started out great, we had a lesson with our investigator Kitty, who is older like 70's maybe, and she invited two of her girl friends. They were really intrigued and interested in the message of the restoration. They are both Catholics and believed a lot of the same things, but was really curious and interested in Joseph Smith. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they said they would read it. We will be meeting with them next week and they said they will be inviting more of their friends over to hear our message!! woohoo :)
We have been tracting a lot! Now this is where it gets really weird and funny. I'm sure it won't sound funny here, but in person it was like.. uhh!? So we were tracting and knocked on this guys door. His name is Benjamin. He was 31 living with his girlfriend. We started sharing a message about the restoration and then brought up the Book of Mormon, he just smiled and said, "oh my gosh, (except it wasn't gosh) I was just about to buy that at the thrift store but didn't have enough money, I want to read it so bad." Sister Fuhriman and I looked at each other way excited. We told him more about it and said he could have it. He was so confused that we were giving it to him for free. He ran inside to put it in a "special" place. While he was inside Sister Fuhriman and I just smiled, we totally had this guy. Then..... When he came out he started telling us that he was Jesus Christ and had spirits in his body. He would change his voice and that was the different spirits talking. Totally confused on what he was doing, I totally thought he was joking and tried not to laugh. But thank goodness I didn't. I can't explain it very well. Just know it was extremely weird. We set a return appointment with him.

Then when we went back to teach him a few days later, he told us his whole life story on how people think he is crazy, he has been chained up because Heavenly Father was speaking through him and he was screaming some stuff and the police came and got him. He seriously believes that he has spirits in him and started talking as if he was Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, John the Baptist, Matthew, Angel Gabriel, Michael, Noah and those are only a few. We had a 2 hour lesson with him and between Sister Fuhriman and I, we talked for 5 minutes..It was so weird. Like it doesn't seem bad in email, but wow it was so beyond weird in person, you had to be there. Then we had time before another lesson so we decided to go contact a less active. We knocked on his door and a little short guy walks out, around 50 years old. He told us he has told the church 5 times to have no one contact him and was very angry we were there to see him. He started telling us why he left the church and how "Mormons are such liars, the prophet is bogus, I recommend you get out as fast as you can, consider this a warning. it is all a lie. Joseph Smith is the biggest liar. You guys are so wrong with every thing, the Sabbath is Friday night to Saturday night not Sunday" and just bashed on us. We started to say things that would hopefully comfort him and bore our testimonies. He then started to be really nice to us. He thanked us for coming back and invited us to come back whenever we wanted. We were very shocked after the 30 minutes of lecture he gave to us. But he really started to have a softer heart the last bit of our conversation. It definitely was very interesting.

I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and the prophets we have here on Earth. It was a testimony builder to me because I was able to bear my testimony of the truth we have in the wonderful gospel. We also had good come out of the next few days and found two families to teach. I will make sure to keep you posted on them. Also, David text us on Saturday, the day we saw Benjamin and our less active Brother/Reverend Carter, and told us how amazing we were and how much we have blessed his life and thanked us for being such an example and getting him baptized. That definitely made our day! And yesterday at church he came out with two plates of food for us, turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables and bread. He doesn't have much money or time, so we were extremely grateful for him. He also just received his temple recommend and will be going to the Temple November 14. We are soooo excited for him :)
Scripture of the week: Mosiah 7:33, it talks about how we need to turn out heart to the Lord with full purpose, trust in him, serve him with diligence, and if it is his will, he will deliver us out of bondage or any of the trials we are facing. I love this scripture. I am going to be working on this, this week and really rely on my Heavenly Father and do everything I can to be diligent in his work :)

I love ya’ll so much :) Thanks for the wonderful letters and emails I have received!!! I hope ya’ll have an amazing week!! I LOVE YA’LL!!!!! :) :)

Love Sister Brooks 

With Investigator, Darryl

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