Monday, October 5, 2015

Missionary Work, Faith, CPR and Service!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Emailing- right now!

Hello my sweet family and friends,

This week has been like the best ever when it comes to feeling the spirit. As a mission, we read the Book of Mormon in a week. Yes, I know, it sounded nuts and I was wondering what the heck president was thinking. But they did it last September and everyone loved it, so he did it again. We stayed inside all week unless we had appointments, dinners or meetings we needed to go to. Holy Cow it was incredible! I thought I would be rushed for time and wouldn't get anything out of it because I would try to read it as quick as I could, but it was the opposite, I was so excited to get up each morning and read! I learned sooo much and I feel  like I know the Book of Mormon ten times better now. Two chapters that I really loved and stuck out the me while I was reading were Alma 29 and Alma 32.

Alma 29 is all about missionary work how we are instrument in the hands of God and how we need to go out and preach the word unto this people. This made me really understand and realize how lucky I am to be set apart by God to go out and preach this wonderful gospel.

Also, I have been huge on faith lately and I know that's what Heavenly Father wants me to work on because it keeps popping up every where. In Alma 32 it talks all about Faith. It talks about how Faith is like a little seed and if you plant it and nourish it, it will grow. Just like any other plant, you can't just plant it and let it be, you have to water it and take care of it. Just like you need to read the scriptures, pray and go to church. The CPR of the church, Church, Pray and Read!  I love it and know I need to put my faith in the Lord and know he will help me through out my mission and the hard times that it may brings me.

I love in the second session of conference when Devin Durrant talked about ponderizing a scripture every week. He challenged us to pick a scripture every week and I decided to take that challenge to help me gain more knowledge and to help me. This week I decided to choose another scripture that has helped me a lot through the beginning of my mission, it is Ether 12:27, I'll paraphrase it- it says if you humble yourself before God, he will make your weakness become strong. I love that so much, I am trying my best to humble myself and put my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father so I can become a better missionary.  

This week we didn't have many appointments but we did do a lot of service. I seriously love doing service, it is so much fun and something different. We are currently cleaning 3 ladies homes, 2 active and 1 less active, and painting 2 peoples homes, one active and 1 non member. Its really fun, I took a few pictures, so I will send them soon.

This week it has been raining all week. We saw the sun once on Wednesday for about 3 hours and then it went right back to rain. When it rains here it either pours like crazy or its just a mist. It seriously feels like you walk into misters.  It seriously is so weird. It has gotten really cold too. It's been in the low 60's or the high 50's. Saint George girl isn't used to this... There was a hurricane that was supposed to hit us on Friday and everyone was FREAKING out, but we are lucky and it turned away and didn't hit us, but we got pounded with rain still.

I love this gospel and the wonderful blessings it brings to me and each one of us. I love ya'll so much and thank you for the wonderful support that ya'll give to me.

Love Sister Brooks

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  1. I love your messages! There are so many gems from each on of your messages. Thank you for your weekly inspiration! Love you, Sister Brooks!

  2. I love your messages! There are so many gems from each on of your messages. Thank you for your weekly inspiration! Love you, Sister Brooks!

  3. You can say that again, Bonnie!