Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm going to have a baby! I'm going to be training! Yippee!!

Emailing at the church with Sister Fitt
 (for the last time before transfers)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!! (On Thursday) 

Holy smokes, I can't believe it's already almost thanksgiving. It's so weird to see all the Christmas stuff up and seeing all the lights, it's really crazy!! I feel like it was just barely Christmas and I was with Sister Tadd in Glen Allen.... but no!! This is going to be such a scattered email, but there are just so many funny/great things I want to share. 

   So we had transfer calls on Saturday evening, I AM TRAINING!! Sister Fitt is training as well. So we will both be having little babies (mission lingo, it's so weird haha) I am so excited. It's going to be such a wonderful last transfer.  I can't wait to tell you all about her next Monday!! I'm excited to be in a family ward again, especially for the holidays!! 

    I am so happy I have been able to serve in the Chippenham YSA ward. It has been so amazing!! I have learned so many wonderful things, met so many wonderful friends and have been able to see so many miracles.  I am so so grateful to be here and to be a missionary. But, I know my next area is going to be amazing as well :) 

Sister Fitt, Me and Colton
   The other night, we were contacting with Colton, (seriously he is amazing, and he drops everything for us and will come out and teach with us whenever we ask). We were walking back to the church and kept smelling all of these wonderful smelling foods. We walked right past Dominoes and literally our mouth watered. So of course, Sister Fitt and I don't mess around, so right after we got back to the church, we turned around and ordered pizza. Yes, we ate the whole box as we sat on our floor. Best choice ever. As missionaries, there's this thing called 6 months to sexy (trying to lose all the weight they have gained before they go home, as you can tell, I have not been participating due to random pizza runs at night) #6minutestosexy?

    Tuesday was super fun. We had Sister Mooney & Sister Purcell with us for the day since their trainers are going home this transfer and they went to the temple. So we got to go on splits on VCU campus and go nuts! They're also really funny and we had a blast. We were also able to teach Malcolm, an investigator on date for December 3rd. He's really great, but hopefully we can get him to church these next few weeks so he can still get baptized on that day! 

      On Wednesday, we started our morning by heading over to the mission home for a lesson! We had a less-active, Jeff, and his nonmember girlfriend, Stephanie, go over so we could teach them. We were able to teach them the Plan of Happiness and Stephanie really seemed to like it. President and Sister Smith also gave really good input as well, which is nice. The cool thing is when Jeff kept whipping out scriptures for her to read and at the end when he baptismally invited her on a specific date! The spirit was really strong. Later we taught this guy Louis... he was interesting to say the least. Let's just say his view of how God thinks of us is like how we think of ants. Also, when he prayed at the end, he prayed that we sisters wouldn't get robbed, stabbed, or beat up like everyone else in Downtown Richmond, which was nice. HAHA.

 McKenzie our investigator!!!!!! 
   Wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!!! Crazy cool miracle!! We got a referral the other day for this girl named McKenzie! She is probably the most solid person I have ever met on my mission. Her background information said she really wanted a Book of Mormon and to give her a call to set up a time to meet with her. We called her and she agreed to meet with us the following day. Wow, I can't tell you how amazing she is. She has had a lot of life experiences that has led her to the Mormon Church. Her mom even met with the missionaries a few times. She said she was looking for peace and comfort and she knew she needed to meet with us, so she referred herself on and chatted with the missionaries online. As we were going through the restoration, she was so excited to hear it all. We asked her how she felt about the first vision; she said she felt so much peace and knows she needs to go this route. We invited her to be baptized and she didn't hesitate at all!! She also came to church yesterday. She literally is the cutest thing. I have only known her for a day, but I feel like I have known her so much longer. I can't wait to come back for her baptism :) 

Scripture of the week: Mormon 9:21- I love this scripture because it tells us if we believe in Christ and pray and ask Him for the things that we need, if it is His will, He will let it happen and give it to us. I am so grateful for prayer and the opportunity we have to pray anytime we need to. 
I love y'all so so so much! Y'all are my fav! 

Love Sister Brooks :) 

Zone p-day. Going to the mission home. 

The Gang
Gelato Celesti with my best friends!

I love my companion, Sister Fitt!

My District

So many wonderful people in Chippenham YSA ward:
Lindsay, Me, Lindsay and Morgan 

Michelle Thomas, a recent convert! 

Investigator Chris! 


Emma Claire

Katherine and her boyfriend Alex 


Brittney, hopefully coming back to her wedding in April. 
The Boswells. They are so amazing!!!!!

Haley Phinney 
Lauren Crowley 




Jessie again! 



I love Tawny and Colton 


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