Monday, June 6, 2016

Last week with Sister Bray - she is being transferred. :(

Emailing with my fellow Sisters!

Happy June Everyone!

I seriously can't believe it is June already! Time is seriously flying by so fast. It's crazy!!! This week has been really good. Not too much with miracles have happened but we were able to have a ton of lessons which was so amazing and a whole lot of members came out with us and found quite a few new investigators. It was amazing! 

Some sad news.... Sister Bray is getting transferred. We aren't very happy about it, but thank goodness we will see each other at meetings still! I have loved being with Sister Bray. She has taught me so much and is seriously so funny. I am sure going to miss her. 
We had sister’s pday this week. We had our ward mission leader’s friend come and teach us self-defense. He went all out. We had little pads we would hit and even practiced on him a few times. It was seriously so much fun. Nobody will mess with me anymore. 
We have had a ton of crazy things happen to us this week.. We sadly didn't have a baptism yesterday because we told her she couldn't be baptized. Kim went pretty crazy on us this week. We don't think she is all mentally there and she has been doing some pretty crazy stuff. She is definitely not emotionally stable. Here are a few things she did this week...

· She baptized our "bible" (the Book of Mormon) because her family was saying it was evil and the voices in her head were telling her to do it. 
· She almost flushed her sons 3 week old hamster down the toilet but didn't because his eyes were staring at her. The hamster was dirty with toilet water so she decided to Baptize the hamster as well!
· She sprinkled confetti that was shaped as a rabbit all around her yard and said her rabbit had babies. 
· She kicked her crazy son and his fiancĂ© out of her house and sobbed to us for 30 minutes yesterday about how she is the worst mom. Then 10 seconds later would be screaming saying how much she hates him. 
· Painted a "sun fish" all over her back deck. 
· Ran up and down her street screaming "God bless America" because she couldn't think of anything more rude to say. 
· Cried/screamed for 20 minutes about how she hates everything. 
· Said she would come to church... Didn't. 

I could go on... Hahaha let’s just say this week has been pretty interesting with her. 

       We went over to one of our less actives house one evening and his son in law was outside cleaning around the house. We, of course started talking to him and sharing what we believe. He did not believe ONE thing that we said. He told us we should go get our facts straight and know what we are talking about before we go out and preach it. He went on for another 10-15 minutes about how Jesus is really black and how the Book of Mormon says that black people are cursed, It’s hard when black people bring that one up and you try to explain it to them and it just doesn't work. It was really, really hard not to bash with him. We both had scriptures we could have used to back us up, but we decided it would be best to just keep out composer. We were about to whip our self-defense moves out on him and knock him out, but we decided we needed to be more Christlike. That was really hard to do, that's for sure. Thank goodness that was one of the last people to see that night, because we weren't very happy. 

     We had MLC this week. It's so weird that we have less than a month with President. Time is going by so fast! It was fun to be with the sisters again and of course see Sister Squires, because I love her so much. I will be companions with her again. I just know it- crossing my fingers. We had zone meeting on Friday and it went so good. We talked a lot about how we can fulfill our mission vision of having ever missionary baptize each month. I gave a training about how to be anxiously engaged in the work, we also talked about being obedient and diligent, having the Holy Ghost with us and how we can teach better.  It has really helped me and I have been able to evaluate how I have been on my mission. There is always room for a lot of improvement. It really helped me know how I can be a better missionary and a person. 

MLC ( Mission Leader Conference)

Scripture of the week: Matthew 17:20. We have been studying and talking a lot about faith. It's a lot more than I really thought it was. Faith is such a big part of missionary work and has so much more meaning. I love it so much!! 

I love y'all so much. Have a fantastic week!

Love, Sister Brooks :)

Cute little boy at church :)
Our investigator, Desmond.
He wants to marry Sister Bray.
Stanley Family.  Thomas wasn't very happy.

Sister's P-day

We LOVE Vriginia!

Union Jack Photo Shoot

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