Monday, December 21, 2015

Can't Stop! Won't Stop!

Hello Hello!

I hope y'all have had a wonderful week and enjoy this week off school and have a wonderful Christmas :) This week has been another great week of missionary work, a few miracles and a lot of disappointing times, but oh well, the good overtakes the
bad and that's the best part!!

The Mechanicsville Elders gave us a referral a few weeks ago and we tried to contact him, but he has been so busy with work and wouldn't text or return our calls. We decided to drop by his house one night and we finally were able to contact him. He was a really nice guy and had tons of really good questions about the restoration. He knows he needs to change his life and believes a lot of what we said, he just doesn't like "changing" his life and doesn't feel comfortable going out of his comfort zone. We explained to him how you don't grow if you're comfortable with where you are. We will see if we will get to meet with him again.

We went over to Vicki's house to see how she was feeling and to teach her. She has been in a ton of pain lately, it’s so sad.  We ended up making jewelry with her. She doesn't have money at all, so for Christmas presents, she is making everyone jewelry.  It’s actually really pretty and it was so much fun. We then had to leave
and go pick up one of the Sister missionary (Sister Hendrickson) who lives right by us. Her companion wasn't in Virginia yet because she was called to work at temple square for her mission. They give them 3 months (2 transfers) to go somewhere
else and do missionary work besides the temple! So we had Sister Hendrickson with us Tuesday and Wednesday! It  was really fun, but really weird to be in a trio again!  

Wednesday we had dinner with Sister Mullins, our stake president’s mom.  She is in our ward and is the cutest and sweetest thing!  She is famous for her fried chicken, so she made some for us! The thing with her, she doesn't like leftovers, so she makes us eat it all. Thank goodness we had an extra sister with us and we
invited Monica to come as well. So that helped. Sister Tadd and I were trying not to eat too much because our new investigator, Sherri, invited us to come over and have dinner with her and her son that just got back from college. We were STUFFED by the time we left Sister Mullins’ house.  We had no idea how we would
be able to have another dinner in another hour. Sister Hendrickson left because her companion was in town. We got to Sherri's house and she had her table all set and it looked so cute. Her son grilled up some chicken and we had salad and potatoes,.  Holy Cow, I thought I was going to throw up. They probably thought I
ate like a bird but honestly it took everything Sister Tadd and I had to get our food down. It got really awkward because Sherri seemed like she was trying to "hook us up" with her son. Sister Tadd and I felt really awkward but tried to laugh it off.  She wanted him to show off so he started playing his banjo and guitar for us. The awkwardness just kept coming. Then to try to stop the awkwardness, I asked to play his banjo and started strumming some random chords and singing, which everyone started laughing and lightened the mood a little. I did learn two chords though on the banjo.  I’m sounding like a pro. We left and got in the car and
started laughing on how awkward it was and how we were so full we thought we were going to die. We learned our lesson and decided to never to do that again. 

We met this amazing family who just moved from Ghana, Africa. We knocked on their door and they invited us right in. We started talking about the restoration and how we had a prophet on the earth today. Barbra, the mom, got a little emotional and said that it would be so wonderful to have a prophet. We gave her and her family a Book of Mormon and she was really excited to read and learn more
from us. 

We then went to another apartment complex to contact a potential investigator.   Sadly they weren't home but we felt inspired to knock on another door. We did and this teenage boy answered. We showed him the “A Savior is Born” Video and he loved it. He told us he didn't feel very good that day and decided to come home
from school, he said that doesn't normally happen and he wasn't sure why he came home. He realized that he came home probably to meet us. He was really cool and definitely a miracle. 

Saturday,  was the longest and probably one of the most frustrating times. We got a call from the Elders in our ward Friday night and they told us Monica told them she was going to be done with smoking. We decided to fast for her Saturday. We didn't have any appointments so we just tracted all day and tried potentials. NO
ONE ANSWERED THE DOOR.  Those that did open the door, were super rude to us. We were getting so frustrated and it didn't help that we haven't had anything to eat all day. After what seemed like 5 years, it was finally 5 o clock and time for us to eat. We didn't have a dinner appointment that night, so we quickly drove
home and ate as fast as we could. WE felt a little more energized and ready to go. Still we didn't have any plans so we just tracted.... BUT it went SO MUCH BETTER this time. We found this sweet lady named Nanette and her cute little kids. She just moved here and needed to find a church. She loved the Christmas Initiative
video (A Savior is Born). She invited us to come back tonight and talk with her a little more. She definitely lightened our mood and is our little miracle for the night. 

Sunday was the day Monica wasn't going to smoke. We have tried this plenty of times and we were really nervous about it. She came to church and she was very grumpy, but that was a good sign because we knew she didn't smoke!! The Elders and us decided that she needed to be kept busy and be with us all day, because the
first day is the hardest. She went tracting with us and it was so much fun. She was really happy,  surprisingly. But she went a whole 24 hours with out smoking! :) She is currently at work and texted us and told us her friend offered her a cigarette, she took two puffs and started coughing really bad and said it was so gross she
made up her mind she will never smoke again. WE WERE SO HAPPY!! We are praying like crazy she doesn't smoke or even take anymore puffs ever again. She really wants to go to the temple and this is the only thing keeping her from going. She can do it!!!

Scripture: Luke 2:11- It is such an amazing and wonderful time of the year.  We are so blessed to have a Savior Jesus Christ and to celebrate His birth this Christmas season. I love Jesus Christ and couldn't thank him enough for his life and sacrifice that he has made for us. Keep him in your heart and mind during this
wonderful Christmas season! 

I can't wait to Skype with y'all on Christmas day and see y'all :) :) I hope y'all have an amazing week and always remember how much I love y'all!!!! I pray for y'all constantly!! 

Love Sister Brooks :)

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