Monday, September 19, 2016

Wrong phone numbers won't stop us!

Emailing and P-day at the church

Hey everyone! 

     We've been on the hunt for some new people to teach, so that's kept us busy. We are trying to implement all the things we have learned at all of our meetings into our teachings! Contacting on campus is lots of fun.... when people want to talk to you. Most YSA's are little stinkers and give us wrong numbers, or completely ignore us but we've met some pretty cool people. 

     Chris, Perla's boyfriend, is doing so great. He has so many questions, Most of them are about deep doctrine, but luckily our studies have helped us out. :) Then we met with him again this week and it was even better! Last Sunday, he had a Book of Mormon, but hadn't read it. As of Thursday, he'd read up to 1 Nephi 11, watched the YSA broadcast, and read some other material and came with lots of questions. We asked him to pray about being baptized on October 8th, and he agreed. He is very sincere and truly wants to know for himself if this is what he needs to do. Perla is awesome and has taught him a lot of stuff already and he has done studies by himself, so he is very knowledgeable! 

    Another cool thing was with our investigator, Jessie. We had dinner with the senior missionary couple, the Boswell's, this week. They seriously are so funny. Elder Boswell is super quiet but every time he opens his mouth, it's something funny and we always are dying laughing.  We invited Jessie to come with us to the Boswell’s. Luckily, she said yes, and we had a great time. :) We received a text a few days later, saying she wants to meet Thursday at 7 and she invited this guy, Benjamin, in our ward to meet with us. So.... She set up her own lesson! She even made sure a member was present! We aren't complaining haha!! So that was sweet. Sister Fitt and I were just had to laugh a little because what investigator does that? If only they all did :) 

     We also have this great investigator, Stefano! He's this guy from the Netherlands and he's so sweet. He has lots of good, sincere questions so it's been fun to teach him. He seems to agree with a lot of what we are saying, so hopefully he'll continue to progress. We have met with him twice and in between lessons, he had read quite a few chapters of the Book of Mormon and gave us a good summary of it. He really comprehends what he reads. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really liked it because it answered some of the questions that he has had for a while. 

  We went on exchanges with the Powhatan sisters!! I was able to go back to Powy and holy cow, I miss that place. I was able to see Sister Foltyn and little Lily, because she came out with us to some lessons. She seriously is one of the best member missionaries ever. She will do anything for us missionary's. (Everyone needs to be like her)  I also saw James and Lisa!!! It was almost curfew but I HAD to see them. We pulled up to their house and ran to their door. Once Lisa opened the door, we just stood there for a second and then she processed who I was and we just hugged each other forever. I love Lisa. I feel like she is one of my best friends and I have known her for so long. I am so so grateful for her and the friendship I have with her. It was so fun to be in Powhatan again. I wish I could have gone around and seen some more of my friends in Powhatan, but I didn't have time at all. We were so busy teaching and finding cool miracles. Hopefully I can go back soon and see some more. I truly miss that place so much.

With Sister Foltyn 
Sister Sorensen and I 

James and Lisa!!! 

   Funny thing that happened is when Sister Fitt and I were trying to contact some potentials in the Bon Air area- We were driving near Brusters, the best ice cream place in the world, so we said, what the heck, it's hot, let’s get ice cream. So we got out of the car and started walking up, when all of the sudden we hear, "Hi sisters" and out pops Sister Smith from their car with President! We talked for a while and they insisted on buying us ice cream. Talk about being at the right place at the right time :) 

Scripture of the week: Matthew 18:12-13, Jesus Christ cares about each and every one of us. He is always there for us and will do anything that He can to find us and have us come back home with Him. He loves us more than we can imagine and all He wants for us is to be with Him again and to follow Him. He will find that one who strays away.

I love y'all so much!  Have a wonderful and fantastic week. #someoneinVAlovesyou

Love, Sister Brooks :)

Us and Kiara. She is a recent convert and just moved back. 
Our girl Emma Claire
Isn't my companion the cutest? 
My new ride. #knees 
Ryan came contacting with us and we had to take a gangsta picture duh.
Working with YSA is fun.

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