Monday, August 8, 2016


Emailing at the church
Happy Happy week!! 

     Wow, I swear, the days and weeks just keep getting better and better!! I am going to have to say, Tuesday beat last week for the best day of the mission. God is way too good and is blessing the Chippenham Ward so incredibly much. I can't wait to tell you about my amazing and wonderful week. Can I just say that being a missionary IS THE BEST CALLING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!! 

  Let's talk about Haley. Holy wow. She was a referral from a member, Sam, and she came to church with her my first Sunday here. She has been friends with Sam for over 10 years and has been to church with her a few times over the years and even went to the temple grounds in Utah with Sam. (Sam attends BYU for school) We set up an appointment with her and they taught her 2 weeks ago while we were on exchanges. Sister Johnsen said it was an amazing lesson and she was so excited to be learning. Well, we had another lesson with her on Tuesday. And wow, the spirit was crazy strong. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation! She told us she was so happy to hear this. She was taught some of this at her church, but she said there were so many holes and this filled them all and answered her questions. She expressed that she wanted to be baptized and really wanted to do it with us. The only option for her to be baptized with us before she went to school, (she attends Virginia tech and leaves August 10) was Saturday, August 4 or she could wait and do it when she went to school. She said she would pray about it..... Story continued. . . . after I tell you about. . . . . . . .   Missy!! Wow, she was another huge miracle! She was also a referral from a member. She came to church last Sunday and then we met with her on Tuesday before we met with Haley. We asked her how she had the desire to come to church. She said she was on Facebook and saw Kristin's (girl in our ward) video of her opening her mission call. She said she loved how happy and excited Kristin was and knew she needed to investigate in Kirstin's church. Missy attended another church for a long time, but she knew something was missing. Missy Facebook messaged Lindsey, Kristin's sister, (she knew Lindsey better because they competed against each other in show choir), and asked her if she could go to church with them. So that's how that all started. Anyway, at church, we gave her a restoration pamphlet and invited her to read it before we met again. When we met on Tuesday, Missy had read the whole pamphlet, did the additional study on the back, and took notes on everything she read and all the scriptures as well. We were so amazed!! During the Restoration lesson, Missy was getting emotional and loved the message we had to share. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it. Side note, Missy is also going to Virginia tech for school this year and Lindsey is also attending. We had dinner with a senior missionary couple and they said we could invite whoever we wanted. We invited Haley and Missy. 

      Okay, now to bring both stories together. . . . . . Every Tuesday night is Institute; we usually are there at the beginning so we can introduce ourselves and get to know more people. Well Missy showed up with Lindsey, so that was so amazing!! We decided while they were in Institute class, we would go contact for a little bit and then come back and see how Missy liked class. Campus was so dead, so we decided to head back a little early and just make some phone calls. As we were walking back, we received a text message from Haley saying she received an overwhelming feeling on the way home and just busted into (happy) tears! She said she knew this church was true and that she needed and wanted to be baptized this Saturday. Of course we were running down the street screaming because we were so happy. I'm sure the homeless people were wondering if we were on some type of drugs. We were so excited and couldn't wait to tell Kristin (who had been with us when we were teaching Haley)  what her text said. They got out of institute and we were right at the door waiting. We were talking about how Haley wanted to be baptized and how she received such an amazing answer. The Elders were already planning on baptizing 3 people on Saturday so we were talking about how cool it would be to baptize 4 people. Next thing we hear is Missy saying, "how would you feel if you baptized 5 people... I received my answer really clear and I want to be baptized." We were in complete shock. Like what the heck. We just had 2 people ask us to get baptized in a span of five minutes!!! Well, long story short, we called our mission president about it, and because they are both leaving for Virginia Tech, we thought it would be a good idea to have them wait until they get to the YSA ward down there so they can make friends and have fellowshippers there. They should be getting baptized in about 3 weeks once they get all settled. It seriously was the best day ever!!! 

Sister Fitt, Me, and a million ducks
   This week I was able to go on Exchanges with Sister Fitt!! Holy cow I love her so much. I seriously feel like we have been friends for so long. We work so well together and had way too much fun. My dream is to be with her my last two transfers. Let’s see if I can talk President Smith into it :) (Side note- Sister Brooks and Sister Fitt met each other on Facebook before they left on their missions.  They saw each other a little in the MTC but have not been with each other much during the mission)

With our member, Allan
We were heading to teach his friend. 

With our member, Shakiela 

My girl, Sister Sorensen. 
    I also was able to go on Exchanges with Sister Sorensen. She is a new missionary and just came out this transfer. She is amazing. It's kind of scary contacting and talking to random people on VCU sometimes, but she handled it like a champ. She did so well.  She and I are also a ton alike. It was so fun to see the growth that she is already making. It took me back to when I first came out. I'm happy I somewhat know what I'm doing now! Haha 

We go and paint the old ladies nails at this rest home every Friday
It reminds me so much of Grandma Bella. 
    Okay, one last miracle!! Marcus, one of our investigators is getting baptized on Saturday!! Marcus is amazing. He went to Indiana University last year and he met the missionaries there back in November. He graduated with a music major and then moved back home with his family and trying to find jobs. Well, he reached out to the missionaries when he got here. Sister Johnsen has been teaching him for a little bit. His family is very mad at home and doesn't want him to get baptized at all. They are being really rude about it, but Marcus knows this is what he needs to do. He has one of the missionaries that taught him, coming to his baptism on Saturday and also one of the senior missionary couples!! We are so excited for him. He knows everything and is so smart. He knows this is what he needs to be doing and loves the church so much!! I can't wait to send you pictures next week :) 

     I can't tell you enough how much I love being a missionary. It really is the best calling in the world. I am so lucky to be here in Virginia. Ahh, I love it. It really is so dang beautiful! The trees still get me. I am grateful for the time I have to serve in the Chippenham YSA ward. This ward is amazing. It really is so much fun to be with people my age and help those learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ at such a wonderful time in their life. I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here!! 

Scripture of the week: Doctrine and Covenants 3:3- it says, "Remember, remember that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men."  Sister J showed me this scripture this week because we had a member come out with us and our appointment didn't show up. She was giving us a pep talk about how we need to keep our heads up when this happens. (It doesn't faze us anymore; we just brush it off quick) Sister J opened up to this scripture and it really is so true. Gods work isn't frustrating; the gospel is simple and perfect. But working with people and the way they exercise their agency sometimes can be really annoying and frustrating. God is great- Moral of the story, people.... Sometimes not haha. Just kidding. 

I love y'all so so so much!! Have a wonderful week and GOOD LUCK IN SCHOOL!!! Wow, I can't believe school is starting already.... Time is going by way too fast. 

Love Sister Brooks :) 

MLC this week. 

Our view on our drive home
We walked out of dinner the other day with two of our members and we saw
this squirrel run up the tree with a jar of Nutella. We couldn't stop laughing. 

Garfield mural. These pictures are for Ty. 

This is Daniel, the one who texted you mom.
 He reminds me SO much of Nate Caplin. 

Our funny picture for the week. 
We got caught in a ridiculous huge rain storm. Welcome to VA

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  1. My daughter is Sis.Sorensen the new missionary that cute Sis.Brooks did exchanges with. Sis. Sorensen just absolutley adorded Sis. Brooks and just had a ton of great things to say about her!