Monday, January 4, 2016

The good, the bad, the crazy, weird and funny!

Emailing Home at the Library


I hope y'all had a wonderful New Years Celebration!! This week has been so crazy and fun, that's all a mission is! The good, the bad, the crazy, weird and funny! 

This week we were going around to contact some potential investigators. We were walking around this apartment complex when this black guy sees us. Of course, we went and talked with him. He started explaining how he met with missionaries before and read the Book of Mormon but he doesn't agree with our church because the blacks weren't able to join the church for a while. We tried to explain everything to him, but he was so bugged that he didn't even care to listen. His name is Ishmael, which is a Bible and Book of Mormon name. I told him that and he just started laughing and said, "duh they wrote it all about me." He then started asking if there were cute girls in our church and we were like heck yeah.  He then said if they all looked like us he would get baptized right now. He said once we get off our missions, he was going to find us and try to marry us. hahaha We don't think he was all there. He was probably high.
This is Ishmael!

On Tuesday, the Struksimas, (Cami, mom you know her.) took us to Cafe Rio for Dinner. MM MM GOOD!! How I missed it. It was Tuesday so we all got tacos because they were super cheap. It reminded me so much of Jeff because we would go get those all the time. Good memories :) It was so good and way fun. I sure love that family.
Of course, we were tracting like crazy this week. What's new?  We were freezing and about to give up because no one would answer and those that did answer, they would yell at us. Someone even threatened to call the cops on us. I told her to do it, but cops never came.  We decided to do one more house. We knocked on the door and this cute girl came to the door. She invited us right in. We still get shocked every time someone lets us in, cause it doesn't happen often. haha So she started explaining to us that she used to date a Mormon and he had the missionaries come over and teach her for a while and she would go to church with him every Sunday. He went a little crazy, so she ended up breaking up with him, but she knew so much! She started asking us a lot of questions and asked if we could come by more and talk with her. She works at the hospital and said she would try to get it off so she could come to church, but she didn't show up yesterday, so we are assuming she couldn't get it off. But her name is Siri, yes like the iPhone. She is so sweet and really cute!! 

We had a lesson with one of our less actives name Gina. We read the Book of Mormon with her every Wednesday night. We went upstairs and started talking with her and next thing we know, she was OUT!! Dead asleep. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time. I of course took a video of her. She would start snoring and then randomly start laughing. It was literally so funny. We eventually left and wrote her a little note. She called later that week apologizing and she was so embarrassed!! 

New Years Eve was great! Our President didn't want us going tracting or anything because people here are CRAZY!!! He said we had to go to people's houses we knew or go to member's homes. We Went to the Struksimas, again, and Derrick, the husband made home-made In-n-Out Burgers. It tasted JUST LIKE THEM!! I was in Heaven. Then we played games and had a little dance party around 7:30 and celebrated the New years!! It was really so much fun. They are so sweet for having us over there! We then hung out with Monica for the rest of the night! 
News Years Eve with the Struksimas- awesome family!!!

Well believe it or not,  we talked with Monica about quitting smoking again. She was going to go a whole 24 hours and then work on the next 24 hours. Saturday we took her out with us all day so she wasn't at home thinking about it. (On Friday night, the Elders took all of her Cigarettes she had in the house and grounded her car so she couldn't go anywhere. So we took her out with us.)

We were street contacting earlier in the week at Walmart and met this guy named Dennis, older black guy, and he said he would have a lesson with us on Saturday at the Church. We called him an hour before the lesson to see if it was still good for him, he said he was ready and excited. We got there and waited for 1 hour and guess what? HE NEVER SHOWED UP!!! We got stood up so bad!! haha It was really frustrating!

We had this really sweet ward member give us some money last Sunday and said to go out to eat. We took her up on that offer and went to Olive Garden. I'm pretty sure our waiter thought we were lesbian the whole entire time. Afterwards, we told him who we were and started talking with him. He had some Mormon friends who are on missions right now and asked us all about our missions. Then when he brought us our check, and of course they bring those amazing mints, he brought us a huge hand full of them. It was the best thing ever!!! I was tempted to get some breadsticks and send them to mom, but they probably wouldn't ship very well. haha

This week's weather has been crazy and cold! It is currently snowing right now. ahh!! It's suppose to be in the 30's all week. Pray for me hahaha.
Holy Cow!  It's 30 degrees outside.  We are going to die!

Scripture of the week: Romans 1:16 - its says that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and because of Him we are able to have salvation, which is one of the greatest things and gifts we can have!!!! 

I hope y'all have an amazing day and week. I love y'all so much :)

Love Sister Brooks :)

Partying with the Struksimas!  
We welcomed the New Year in (Disney style) at 7:30 PM- yippee!

Ready for Zone Meeting
Sister Brooks has a new camera (Christmas present) that she can email pictures from.  
As soon as she has wifi, the camera will send us any pictures that she has selected to send.  
We were happily surprised to receive this picture during the week

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  1. Sister Brooks! You are amazing! I love all your posts!! You are so funny, and you are bringing joy to so many!!! Can't wait to jump on a trampoline with you again someday!!